log xen/arch/ia64/linux-xen/setup.c

age author description
2006-04-25 awilliam [IA64] FPH enabling + cleanup
2006-04-17 awilliam [IA64] Remove unused variables. init_mm and swapper_pg_dir.
2006-04-03 awilliam [IA64] cache flush
2006-03-21 awilliam [IA64] cleanup of tlb.c
2006-03-16 awilliam [IA64] use of max_addr= & command line
2006-03-10 awilliam [IA64] Remove unused and unwritten active_mm field of vcpu and domain.
2006-02-28 awilliam [IA64] cleanup warning in xen/ia64 (arch/ia64/linux-xen)
2005-10-12 djm Initial SMP support
2005-09-22 djm Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable
2005-09-15 kaf24 merge?
2005-09-20 djm Fix dcr.pp and psr.pp support (non-VTI) so pfmon --system-wide works
2005-09-14 djm Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable to prep
2005-09-13 djm Merge with latest xen-unstable
2005-09-09 djm Merge (only) xen-ia64-unstable with latest xen-unstable
2005-09-01 cl349 merge?
2005-08-31 shand merge?
2005-08-31 kaf24 merge?
2005-08-30 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-29 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-29 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-26 adsharma Merge.
2005-08-16 kevin merge.
2005-08-31 djm Begin updating to 2.6.13 base
2005-08-26 kaf24 merge?
2005-08-23 fred Ensure percpu data area not used before the TR is set.
2005-08-19 fred First step to remove CONFIG_VTI for final supporting xen0+xenU+xenVTI at runtime. This changeset mainly addresses common code like domain creation and rid allocation policy, including:
2005-08-19 fred merge?
2005-08-15 ydong Removing KR to PER CPU memory.
2005-08-08 djm Merge after removing dependency on linux-2.6.11 source tree
2005-08-02 adsharma Move copy+patched files to linux-xen directory.