log xen/include/asm-x86/hvm/support.h

age author description
2007-02-23 kfraser hvm: Clean up initialisation of hvm_funcs.
2007-02-07 Tim Deegan [HVM] Save/restore: dynamically calculate the size of the save buffer
2007-01-31 Tim Deegan [HVM] Save/restore: clean up the new hypercall interface
2007-01-31 Tim Deegan [HVM] Save/restore: save RTC state.
2007-01-31 Tim Deegan [HVM] Save/restore: clean up marshalling code
2007-01-29 Tim Deegan [HVM] Save/restore cleanups: don't save state for downed vcpus.
2007-01-25 kfraser hvm: Define a global I/O access bitmap, allowing direct access to port 0x80.
2007-01-20 Tim Deegan [HVM] Save/restore cleanups 01: PIT
2007-01-18 Tim Deegan [HVM] save restore: save restore dev in HV
2007-01-18 Tim Deegan [HVM] save restore: new hyper-call
2007-01-03 kfraser [HVM] Add triple-fault handler (resets the domain).
2006-11-13 kfraser [XEN] Get rid of many uses of domain_crash_synchronous().
2006-11-07 kfraser Enhance HVM xentrace:
2006-11-06 kfraser [HVM] Move VMX VMCS initialisation to vcpu-initialisation time.
2006-11-05 kaf24 [XEN] Replace hvm_setup_platform() with hvm_domain_initialise()
2006-11-03 kfraser [XEN] Remove VGCF_hvm_guest, replace with XEN_DOMINF_hvm_guest.
2006-11-01 kfraser [HVM] HVM is now a flag parameter to domain-creation hypercall.
2006-10-31 Tim Deegan [HVM] Use correct types for guest physical addresses
2006-10-22 kaf24 [HVM] Replace hvm_prod_vcpu() with calls to generic (and correct) vcpu_kick().
2006-10-18 kfraser [HVM] MMIO/PIO fixes and cleanups.
2006-09-29 kfraser [HVM] Clean up hvm_copy interface to be more like copy_to/from_user.
2006-09-29 kfraser [HVM][VMX] Fix data copying in transition to/from vmxassist.
2006-09-28 kfraser [HVM] Avoid mis-optimisation of the SVM/VMX exit handlers
2006-08-17 kfraser [XEN] Indentation cleanups (remove hard tabs).
2006-08-16 tdeegan Replace shadow pagetable code with shadow2.
2006-08-16 kfraser [HVM] Provide common support function for HLT emulation: hvm_hlt().
2006-08-09 chris [hvm/qemu] Add HVM buffered IO writes framework to accelerate stdvga speed.
2006-08-08 sos22 [hvm/qemu] Flip the device model over to using the new Xen event channels
2006-08-02 kfraser [HVM] Place all APIC registers into one page in native format.
2006-08-01 kfraser [XEN] Add hypercall support for HVM guests. This is
2006-06-19 kfraser [XEN] Rename show_registers() to show_execution_state().
2006-05-08 kaf24 The current Xen code for VMX is setting the gp fault vmexiting in
2006-03-31 kaf24 Enable the setting and trapping of breakpoints for hvm guest.
2006-03-11 kaf24 Currently if one tries to execute VMX instruction from inside the
2006-03-08 kaf24 Lower-casify some macros, and rename kernel_mode() to guest_kernel_mode().
2006-03-07 kaf24 Clean up vlapic code.
2006-03-06 kaf24 Fix DBG_LEVEL_VLAPIC_INTERRUPT definition.
2006-03-02 kaf24 Don't compile HVM_DBG_LOG into xen by default.
2006-02-23 kaf24 Per-vcpu IO evtchn patch for HVM domain.
2006-02-17 kaf24 Fix HVM MSR save/restore.
2006-02-11 kaf24 Rework hvm_wait_io() -- now tries to be a polite user of
2006-01-31 kaf24 Big merge the HVM full-virtualisation abstractions.