log xen/arch/x86/hvm/vmx/vmx.c

age author description
2006-08-02 kfraser [HVM] Place all APIC registers into one page in native format.
2006-08-02 kfraser [HVM] Initialise full regs structure for PIO requests.
2006-08-02 kfraser [HVM][VMX] Clean up vmx hvm interface functions:
2006-08-01 kfraser [XEN] Add hypercall support for HVM guests. This is
2006-07-27 kfraser [HVM][VMX] Fix injection of software exceptions (#BP,#OF)
2006-07-14 kaf24 [HVM] Currently in xentrace, MMIO is handled just like other page faults. The
2006-07-14 kaf24 [HVM] Create I/O context for MMIO/PIO processing in an
2006-07-05 kfraser [XEN] Add CPUID hypervisor-info leaves at index 0x40000000.
2006-07-05 kfraser [HVM][VMX] More descriptive failed vmentry.
2006-07-05 kfraser [HVM][VMX] Move vmcs and I/O bitmap allocation into
2006-07-05 kfraser [HVM][VMX] expose PSE feature to HVM guests if PAE is turned on in
2006-06-27 kaf24 [HVM][VMX] On a VMEXIT, 'dirty' the DR. Restore DR from vcpu struct,
2006-06-27 kaf24 [HVM][VMX] Added flag_dr_dirty to hvm vcpu struct. If this flag is set,
2006-06-27 kaf24 [HVM][VMX] Added dr restore if breakpoints are enabled in guest dr7.
2006-06-27 kaf24 [HVM][VMX] Safer treatment of VM_EXEC_CONTROL when dealing w/ PENDING_INTERRUPT vmexit.
2006-06-27 kaf24 [HVM][VMX] Propagate debug exception to guest if no external debugger is enabled.
2006-06-19 kaf24 [HVM][VMX][PAE] Enable PAE VMX guest on PAE host.
2006-06-12 kaf24 [HVM][VMX] Provide right view of cpuid to the HVM guests.
2006-06-11 kaf24 [HVM][VMX] Cleanups and fixes to VMCS lifecycle.
2006-06-05 kaf24 [HVM][VMX] Interrupts must be kept disabled when entering Xen for
2006-06-01 kaf24 Fix pagetable accessor macros in Xen to have better names and to
2006-05-25 kaf24 Fix VMEXIT tracing.
2006-05-25 kaf24 [HVM] Support multiple HVM time device models coming soon.
2006-05-17 kaf24 Add hotkey 'v' to hypervisor monitor to print VMCS areas.
2006-05-05 kaf24 Fix dr access from or to extended registers on x86_64.
2006-05-05 kaf24 It's unnecessary on MOV CRn to use "q" or "l" to indicate default
2006-05-03 kaf24 Fix mismerge of vmx vm86 patch: 9915:e1409c2ace46afd67b54de1f5c0b2b6d3721ca3b
2006-05-03 kaf24 Ensure segment bases are consistent with their
2006-05-02 kaf24 Remove i386/x8664 differences in vmx reg store/load routines.
2006-04-21 kaf24 Fix the "hda lost interrupt" issue when creating a VMX guest on a PAE
2006-04-21 kaf24 There are instances where we DO NOT want an hvm guest to run an
2006-04-19 kaf24 Sync PIT device model with latest qemu and move it to hypervisor.
2006-04-13 kaf24 This is to align PIT counter with TSC more accurately.
2006-04-11 kaf24 The maximum instruction length for both x86-32 and
2006-03-31 kaf24 Enable the setting and trapping of breakpoints for hvm guest.
2006-03-30 kaf24 More fixes to gdbserver for HVM guest debugging. Also fix
2006-03-26 kaf24 Don't reclaim vcpus that are not put into use yet when destroying HVM
2006-03-24 kaf24 This patch is mainly a cleanup of vmx related xentrace code. One minor
2006-03-23 kaf24 Merge hvm_store_cpu_guest_regs() and hvm_store_cpu_guest_ctrl_regs()
2006-03-23 kaf24 Fix 2 VMX time-related bugs:
2006-03-23 kaf24 Enable Windows PAE guest on x86-64. Deals with two issues:
2006-03-19 kaf24 This patch fix HVM/VMX time resolution issue that cause IA32E complain
2006-03-19 kaf24 Abstract some details of context switching into ctxt_switch_from/to
2006-03-19 kaf24 Fix VMX EFER write logic. Also some cleanups.
2006-03-17 kaf24 Fix VMX cpuid handling when EAX == 4.
2006-03-16 kaf24 Clean up HVM relinquish_guest_resources interface and implementation.
2006-03-15 kaf24 Remove unnecessary cr4 handling in vmx_set_cr0.
2006-03-15 kaf24 Remove unused macro VMX_CPU_STATE_PG_ENABLED.
2006-03-11 kaf24 Currently if one tries to execute VMX instruction from inside the
2006-03-10 kaf24 More build config changes:
2006-03-10 kaf24 Clean the pending_intr processing sequence and fix some potential bugs.
2006-03-08 kaf24 The PAE guest can run on SMP 64-bit Xen0 now.
2006-03-02 kaf24 Change debug level of vmx_io_instruction to DBG_LEVEL_IO.
2006-03-02 kaf24 Fix printing of u64 value 'msr_content' to use PRIx64 format.
2006-02-24 kaf24 Bring up AP of VMX domain.
2006-02-23 kaf24 Clean up some vmx code.
2006-02-23 kaf24 Per-vcpu IO evtchn patch for HVM domain.
2006-02-22 kaf24 Change shadow_direct_map_init/clean param from vcpu to domain.
2006-02-22 kaf24 When thermal interrupt happened when vmx guest is running,
2006-02-21 kaf24 Add PAE option to HVM config file.