log tools/python/xen/xend/XendDomain.py

age author description
2009-04-27 Keir Fraser xend: Fix for op_pincpu in SrvDomain.py
2009-04-01 Keir Fraser xend: Revert c/s 19436 -- fails with Python 2.3, and sock.close()
2009-03-31 Keir Fraser xend: fix domain_migrate
2009-03-13 Keir Fraser xend: Fix domain core-dumping about reset option
2009-03-12 Keir Fraser Domain core-dumping fixes
2009-01-22 Keir Fraser xend: Fix do_FLR() scope problem.
2008-11-05 Keir Fraser xend, security: Prevent changing of the policy while VMs are migrating
2008-09-22 Keir Fraser xend: Refactor vmmetrics destruction.
2008-09-09 Keir Fraser Revert 18415:3e72ab517e44 (xend: move the call to XendDevices.destroy_device_state())
2008-09-03 Keir Fraser xend: move the call to XendDevices.destroy_device_state()
2008-08-26 Keir Fraser vtd: do FLR before xc.domain_destroy()
2008-07-03 Keir Fraser XenAPI: Add Direct PCI Device (DPCI) Assignment Support
2008-06-12 Keir Fraser xend: detect and report qemu-dm failure
2008-05-27 Keir Fraser xend: fix a typo in domain_migrate().
2008-05-23 Keir Fraser xend: Import TRIGGER_S3RESUME and HVM_PARAM_ACPI_S_STATE into XendDomain.py.
2008-05-23 Keir Fraser Add -s --ssl option to xm migrate
2008-05-23 Keir Fraser Make ssl relocation server listen on different port
2008-05-20 Keir Fraser xend: Support HVM S3 resume.
2008-05-20 Keir Fraser xm migrate: Better error report when attempt to migrate non-running domain.
2008-05-13 Keir Fraser Fix relocation ssl/tls support
2008-05-08 Keir Fraser xend: Fix and improve error handling for failed suspend/migrate
2008-05-08 Keir Fraser xend: Improve "cpus" parameter to be able to define CPU affinities for each VCPU
2008-05-01 Keir Fraser Remove unimplemented xm migrate --resource option.
2008-05-01 Keir Fraser Add SSL/TLS support to relocation
2008-04-22 Keir Fraser xm: Add a new command: xm reset
2008-03-03 Keir Fraser Fix xm vcpu-pin for inactive managed domains
2008-02-28 Keir Fraser NUMA node migration
2008-02-28 Keir Fraser Fix error message of xm suspend and xm resume for Domain-0.
2008-01-30 Keir Fraser xend: Perform uuid/name uniqueness check on restore.
2008-01-25 Keir Fraser (Re)introduce notion of crashed VM power state.
2007-12-19 Keir Fraser xend: Indicate a resume operation
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser xend: Fix cleanup_domains() for suspending managed domains
2007-10-30 Keir Fraser xend: Reduce xenstore transactions when listing domains
2007-10-12 Keir Fraser xend: Fix file resouce leak on resume of suspended managed domains.
2007-10-02 Keir Fraser Revert 15642:207582c8d88b532783da5c6f5839336187556f0a.
2007-09-14 kfraser Fix xm dump-core command for paused domain.
2007-09-11 kfraser Fix memory leak in xend
2007-09-07 kfraser xend: Fix error message for xm trigger command.
2007-07-24 kfraser Add domain name check and UUID check to 'xm new' command.
2007-07-19 kfraser [xend / libxen] Add support for labeling of virtual network interfaces.
2007-07-11 kfraser [xend] Fix xm trigger command for inactive managed domains
2007-07-11 kfraser xend: Fix 'xm dumpcore' for inactive managed domains.
2007-07-10 kfraser xend: Fix xm pause/unpause for inactive managed domains.
2007-07-09 kfraser [Xen-API] Extension of the Xen-API for managing Xen Security Policies
2007-07-09 kfraser Fix xm save command for a inactive managed domain.
2007-07-06 kfraser Improve xm sched-credit command for inactive managed domains
2007-07-03 kfraser xend: Save modified scheduler params of managed guests to config.sxp.
2007-07-01 Keir Fraser xend: Pass information to user when failing migrate due to PCI dev.
2007-05-25 kfraser [XEND/XM] Improve error reporting in 'xm restore'.
2007-05-24 kfraser xend: Tear down domain if device hotplug fails during startup
2007-05-24 kfraser xend: Fix scheduler parameters of rebooted domain
2007-05-01 kfraser xend: Fix SrvDomain.op_save.
2007-04-27 Tom Wilkie [XEND] Used shutil.rename to cope with /tmp and /var on different file systems
2007-04-20 Tom Wilkie Deprecate XendDomainInfo.state - now use _stateGet() to get the live
2007-03-27 Ewan Mellor Add auto-start and auto-stop functionality.
2007-03-23 Ewan Mellor Release the domains_lock properly when get_dev_property_by_uuid fails.
2007-03-22 Ewan Mellor Fix the handling of the transient flag.
2007-03-22 Ewan Mellor Update VM's VCPU handling to match the documentation wrt VCPUs_max and
2007-03-20 Ewan Mellor Fix parameter to XendInvalidDomain.
2007-03-10 Ewan Mellor Fix "no such domain" error message from domain_lookup.