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2006-07-10 kfraser [XEND] Improve xm pause/unpause error reporting.
2006-07-10 kfraser [XEND] Prevent uuid double use.
2006-05-27 kaf24 Rename csched -> sched_credit/sched-credit in control plane.
2006-05-26 ack New weighted fair-share CPU scheduler w/ automatic SMP load balancing
2006-05-10 kaf24 This patch adds a boolean parameter 'network' to the save method of the
2006-04-24 smh22 This patch integrates the new access control management tools into 'xm'
2006-04-14 emellor This patch enables external devices, such as for example a mounted hard
2006-03-30 emellor Check the return value of domain_lookup_by_name_or_id_nr for None (i.e. no
2006-03-28 emellor Watch for @introduceDomain, for symmetry with the existing watch on
2006-03-23 anthony Use XML-RPC as a transport for Xend instead of S-Expression/HTTP.
2006-03-10 emellor This patch
2006-01-06 kaf24 Fix a couple of bogus dom0_op names:
2005-12-08 emellor Merged.
2005-12-08 emellor Refuse to save dom0, and move the check that refuses to migrate dom0 from
2005-12-08 vhanquez allow a port to be specified for migration.
2005-12-02 emellor Initialise the connection ID when a domain is introduced. This (re)enables
2005-12-01 smh22 Fix migrate.
2005-11-30 emellor Move the relocate.setupRelocation code into XendDomain, removing the mutual
2005-11-27 emellor Remove keyword from call to xc.domain_setmaxmem; keyword support for this call
2005-11-21 emellor Merged.
2005-11-21 emellor As with xs.c, change the module interface to match the current Python/C
2005-11-21 emellor Return the changed path as an argument to the watch callback. This is useful
2005-11-16 emellor Move the registration of the @releaseDomain watch so that we avoid a watch
2005-11-16 emellor Merged.
2005-11-16 emellor The following patch removes every (hopefully) reference to network-limit.
2005-11-15 emellor Have a watch callback return 0 or 1 depending upon whether it would like to
2005-11-07 kaf24 Add support for the ioport_permission dom0 op to xend and xm
2005-11-06 kaf24 Revert c/s 7626 -- it's missing a new file.
2005-11-06 kaf24 Add support for the ioport_permission dom0 op to xend and xm
2005-10-22 kaf24 cpumap cleanups -- Python now deals with lists of cpus
2005-10-19 emellor Remove unused shadow_control functionality from the Python layer. This is
2005-10-19 emellor Take advantage of the new UUID (handle) stored for us in Xen to improve the
2005-10-18 emellor Fix call to getVCpuCount for dom0.
2005-10-17 emellor Have xenstored initialise its connections, meaning that xend can be out of
2005-10-17 emellor Replace xm vcpu-enable and xm vcpu-disable with one command, xm set-vcpus,
2005-10-13 emellor Remove the diagnostic/recovery when two domains end up with the same name. It
2005-10-13 emellor Fix broken test for zombies.
2005-10-12 emellor Fix deadlock in XendDomainInfo when a domain is cleaned up. We are renaming
2005-10-11 djm Merged
2005-10-09 emellor /home/emellor/log2
2005-10-08 djm Merge
2005-10-06 emellor Remove xm commands block-refresh and vbd-refresh, as these are unsupported.
2005-10-06 emellor Reduce the log level for the 'cannot recreate information for dying domain'
2005-10-06 emellor Issue diagnostic if we find dying domains on Xend restart, because we will not
2005-10-05 emellor Recover from name uniqueness violation by renaming. Fixes bug #277.
2005-10-05 emellor Removed the EventServer, replacing the events fired with simple logging
2005-10-05 emellor Explicitly close files on save and restore. Rename all local variables named id or slice so as not to clash with the builtins.
2005-10-04 emellor Removed unused xen_domain method, and unused imports. Comment those methods
2005-10-04 emellor Fix xm restore broken by missing return statement.
2005-10-04 emellor Merged.
2005-10-04 emellor Fix localhost live migration. We were overvigorously wiping out the store
2005-10-04 emellor Move XendDomainInfo.{create,recreate,parseConfig} to the top level of the
2005-10-04 emellor Remove the reason parameter from XendDomain.destroy -- it is useless. Accept
2005-10-04 emellor Added method XendDomain.privilegedDomain and use that inside DevController to
2005-10-02 emellor The stopgap in changeset 7152:a73ab0ddf990 was broken -- revert the change to
2005-10-02 emellor Call refresh in the domain_lookup and domain_lookup_by_name methods. This
2005-09-30 emellor Within the store, split the persistent information regarding a VM from the
2005-09-29 djm Merge xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable
2005-09-28 kaf24 merge
2005-09-28 emellor Merge.