log linux-2.6-xen-sparse/include/asm-ia64/hypercall.h

age author description
2006-12-05 awilliam [IA64] changed foreign domain page mapping semantic.
2006-11-30 awilliam [IA64] Fix sparse tree xenoprof/perfmon/oprofile build dependencies
2006-11-28 awilliam [IA64] xenoprof linux/ia64 part
2006-11-02 Ian Campbell PV-on-HVM: Fix PV-on-HVM drivers for IA64.
2006-10-14 awilliam [IA64] Xencomm fixes for HVM PV-drivers and driver domain.
2006-10-04 awilliam [IA64] p2m exposure. linux side part.
2006-10-02 awilliam [IA64] Implement fast hypercall for physdevop eoi.
2006-10-02 awilliam [IA64] Use xencomm for hypercalls.
2006-09-10 awilliam [IA64] Cleanup for PV-on-HVM for IPF
2006-08-28 awilliam [IA64] Modify sparse headers for PV-on-HVM/IPF
2006-08-24 awilliam [IA64] Clean up: change asm constraints and remove _hypercall_imm*
2006-08-22 awilliam [IA64] Add stubs to Linux/IPF for the new hvm_op hypercall.
2006-08-14 awilliam [IA64] copy_from/to_guest
2006-08-04 awilliam [IA64] Remove P==M support
2006-07-11 awilliam [IA64] Save & restore.
2006-05-31 awilliam merge with xen-unstable.hg
2006-05-31 kfraser Fix ACM hypercall macros (broke the x86/64 and ia64 builds).
2006-05-31 kaf24 [ACM] Add a hypervisor call macro to the linux kernel; it
2006-05-30 awilliam [IA64] use is_running_on_xen()
2006-05-24 awilliam [IA64] GNTMAP_readonly support linux part
2006-05-23 awilliam [IA64] work around ENOSYS vs EINVAL in ioremap
2006-05-23 awilliam [IA64] Add do_callback_ops
2006-05-18 awilliam [IA64] panic when ioremap hypercall fails.
2006-05-12 awilliam [IA64] linux: remove dom0vp_populate_physmap hypercall
2006-05-09 awilliam [IA64] linux: HYPERVISR_update_va_mapping()
2006-05-09 awilliam [IA64] linux: XENMEM op work around
2006-05-09 awilliam [IA64] linux: grant table hypercall work around
2006-05-09 awilliam [IA64] linux: macro clean up
2006-05-01 kaf24 Include string.h in the hypercall header file to ensure that memcpy() is defined.
2006-04-30 kaf24 Define new event-channel and physdev hypercalls with a more extensible
2006-04-25 awilliam [IA64] dma paravirtualization
2006-04-25 awilliam [IA64] add dom0vp hypercall interfaces
2006-04-11 awilliam merge with xen-unstable.hg
2006-03-30 cl349 Remove __HYPERVISOR_sched_op_new in favour of a header file interface version number system.
2006-03-24 awilliam [IA64] obvious compilation fix (hypercall.h, hypervisor.h)
2006-03-22 kaf24 Licensing clarifications in Linux source files:
2006-03-14 awilliam merge
2006-03-14 kaf24 Define a new sched_op hypercall called sched_op_new, which differs from the
2006-03-10 awilliam [IA64] compilation fix hypercall.h
2006-02-28 awilliam [IA64] Cleanup hypercall.h
2006-02-24 awilliam [IA64] hypercall cleanup
2006-02-06 cl349 Update ia64 to 2.6.16-rc2.
2006-02-02 cl349 Update to Linux 2.6.16-rc1-git4.
2006-01-31 cl349 Adapt Xenlinux/ia64 to build in the new subarch environment.
2006-01-30 cl349 Update linux sparse tree to subarch layout.