log tools/python/xen/xm/XenAPI.py

age author description
2006-12-28 Ewan Mellor Added __repr__ implementation, initialise last_login_method to None, and
2006-12-25 Ewan Mellor Adjust the argument counts for a MESSAGE_PARAMETER_COUNT_MISMATCH to account for
2006-12-23 Ewan Mellor Added retry behaviour when receiving SESSION_INVALID. This means that xm shell
2006-12-23 Ewan Mellor Added I18N support for Xen-API error codes.
2006-12-22 Ewan Mellor Cope with a response that's not a dictionary.
2006-12-18 Ewan Mellor Fix _login to pass arguments to the server unconditionally, rather than
2006-12-15 Ewan Mellor Allow the XenAPI Session object to have login_with_password called as a
2006-12-14 Ewan Mellor Added xm shell command, taken from xapi.py, to make testing the Xen-API calls
2006-12-06 Ewan Mellor Added server proxy and session manager for Xen-API clients.