log xen/arch/ia64/vmx/vmx_init.c

age author description
2006-07-12 awilliam [IA64] enable acceleration of external interrupt
2006-07-07 awilliam [IA64] separate mapped_regs and vpd, handle various page size
2006-07-05 awilliam [IA64] Implement and use DOM0_DOMAIN_STEUP.
2006-06-11 kaf24 [HVM][VMX] Cleanups and fixes to VMCS lifecycle.
2006-05-24 awilliam [IA64] GNTMAP_readonly support xen part
2006-05-16 awilliam [IA64] Fix VTi
2006-05-14 awilliam [IA64] Fix VTI boot
2006-05-12 awilliam [IA64] xen: fix vmx_build_physmap_table()
2006-05-12 awilliam [IA64] xen: balloon driver support
2006-05-09 awilliam [IA64] panic -> panic domain
2006-04-25 awilliam [IA64] cleanup vtlb code
2006-04-04 awilliam [IA64] Add memory operations for xen/ia64
2006-03-22 awilliam [IA64] Fixed VTI domain destruction
2006-03-14 awilliam [IA64] Remove the last compile warnings
2006-03-10 awilliam [IA64] Merge guest TR emulation
2006-03-01 awilliam [IA64] VTI: updated vtlb, support_non_contiguous memory on vtidomain
2006-02-24 awilliam merge
2006-02-23 kaf24 Per-vcpu IO evtchn support for VT-i guests (ia64).
2006-02-24 awilliam [IA64] Clean up warnings related to VTi code. (C files)
2006-02-09 awilliam [IA64] fix name conflict(map_domain_page)
2006-02-01 kaf24 Rename physical-address-related variables and functions
2006-01-31 kaf24 Big merge the HVM full-virtualisation abstractions.
2006-01-03 kaf24 Move public hvm interfaces into xen/include/public/hvm.
2005-12-15 djm Remove some unused VTI code segments
2005-11-09 kaf24 Support recent change moving virtual IOAPIC model into Xen for
2005-10-13 djm Some outstanding bug fixes found in VT merge
2005-09-22 djm Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable
2005-09-22 djm Remove all CONFIG_VTI, VTI now works dynamically
2005-09-14 djm Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable
2005-09-13 djm Catchup with xen-unstable, add ia64 specifics to tools, and some VTI merge