log tools/python/xen/util/security.py

age author description
2006-10-18 kfraser [ACM] Fix the resource representations in the resource_label
2006-07-10 kfraser [XM][ACM] Add xm subcommands to work with security resource labels.
2006-06-30 kfraser Revert 10521, 10526 and 10527. This completes reversion of ACM modifications to xm.
2006-06-29 kaf24 Revert 10534 (xm subcommands for ACM). Doesn't work when ACM disabled.
2006-06-29 emellor Replace changesets 10521, 10526, and 10527 with this new version that does not
2006-06-28 emellor Comment out the load of the resource label file, pending a solution to the
2006-06-28 emellor This patch adds new xm subcommands to support working with resource
2006-06-13 kaf24 [ACM] Provide the framework needed for resource labeling.
2006-06-01 kaf24 [SECURITY] Allow domid and ssidref args to get_decision in
2006-04-24 smh22 This patch adds new python access control management scripts, which