log tools/python/xen/util/xmlrpclib2.py

age author description
2006-10-05 Alastair Tse [XEND] Make logging an optional parameter for the XMLRPCServer
2006-08-15 kfraser Set the close-on-exec flag on the RPC socket in tool stack.
2006-08-09 emellor Better diagnosis of the failure when Xend crashes. Thanks to Hollis Blanchard
2006-06-22 kaf24 [TOOLS] Make sure to explicitly close the connection if we're using HTTP/1.0. This
2006-06-20 emellor Move the SSHTransport class to its own file, so that we may disable SSH
2006-06-20 root This patch adds client side support for XML-RPC over ssh. It differs from
2006-06-20 anthony Add support to Xend XML-RPC server for HTTP/1.1 Keep-Alive.
2006-04-06 emellor Further workarounds for the broken string marshalling in xmlrpclib. Regardless
2006-04-04 emellor Workaround bug in xmlrpclib's string escaping. That library outputs invalid
2006-03-31 emellor Set the permissions correctly on the XML-RPC UDP socket, so that non-root users
2006-03-30 emellor Fix the ProtocolError seen when the server throws an exception and running
2006-03-28 emellor Have TCPXMLRPCServer inherit from SocketServer.ThreadingMixIn. This allows
2006-03-23 emellor Merged.
2006-03-23 emellor Removed unused handler parameter from UnixXMLRPCServer interface -- just pass
2006-03-23 anthony Use XML-RPC as a transport for Xend instead of S-Expression/HTTP.