log xen/drivers/passthrough/vtd/qinval.c

age author description
2009-06-05 Keir Fraser VT-d: correct way to submit command to GCMD register
2009-06-05 Keir Fraser VT-d: define a macro for waiting hardare completion
2009-06-02 Keir Fraser Enable pci mmcfg and ATS for x86_64
2009-05-29 Keir Fraser [VTD] laying the ground work for ATS
2009-03-31 Keir Fraser vtd: fix multiple Dom0 S3 on hosts that support Queued Invalidation.
2009-03-20 Keir Fraser vtd: fix Dom0 S3 when VT-d is enabled.
2009-02-18 Keir Fraser vtd: fix/cleanup minor issues with multi-page qinval support
2009-02-17 Keir Fraser vtd: clean up of __iommu_flush_iec()
2009-02-09 Keir Fraser vtd: adding support for multiple queued invalidation pages
2008-11-26 Keir Fraser vtd: cleanups
2008-11-18 Keir Fraser vtd: fix memory allocation from NUMA node for VT-d.
2008-10-20 Keir Fraser VT-d: correct allocation failure checks
2008-10-14 Keir Fraser vtd: Define msi_msg_{read,write}_remap_rte() to nothing for ia64.
2008-07-10 Keir Fraser vt-d: Fix double spin_lock_irqsave().
2008-07-01 Keir Fraser VT-d: Fix queue invalidation
2008-05-01 Keir Fraser MSI 3/6: add msi support to xen
2008-05-01 Keir Fraser MSI 1/6: Move PCI functions and headers to a common location.
2008-04-11 Keir Fraser x86: Emulate accesses to PCI window registers cf8/cfc to synchronise
2008-04-10 Keir Fraser x86: Remove jiffies usage.
2008-04-10 Keir Fraser VT-d: Allocates page table pgd, root_entry, iremap and qinval from
2008-03-17 Keir Fraser Move iommu code to arch-generic locations, and also clean up some VT-d code.
2008-02-21 Keir Fraser Move vtd and amd iommu code to arch-generic location.