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age author description
2006-05-02 kaf24 Fix x86/64 version of Mini-OS. It encompasses the following:
2005-12-06 kaf24 The Mini-OS build once again broke, this time since vcpu_data became vcpu_info
2005-07-15 djm Merge with ia64-unstable.hg
2005-07-09 djm Catch up to xen-unstable.hg tip
2005-07-08 sos22 Merge.
2005-07-08 sos22 Merge.
2005-07-06 iap10 manual merge
2005-07-06 sos22 manual merge
2005-07-06 iap10 manual merge
2005-07-06 smh22 Manual merge.
2005-07-06 kaf24 Mini-os updates from Grzegorz Milos.
2003-10-15 kaf24 bitkeeper revision 1.520 (3f8d13d8qVVqxcYD--4cXYs5egqNyg)
2003-10-07 kaf24 bitkeeper revision 1.490 (3f831e5fpXnszWjg8lV_9law4lUnbg)
2003-10-06 iap10 bitkeeper revision 1.483 (3f81a3e2iM-0WXaGxUS3ywM3_KZqLw)