log xen/arch/ia64/xen/dom0_ops.c

age author description
2007-01-24 kfraser Make domctl/sysctl interfaces 32-/64-bit invariant.
2007-01-16 awilliam [IA64] Change vCPU initialization to avoid domVTi privregs memory leak
2007-01-04 awilliam [IA64] setup scrub_pages
2006-12-08 awilliam [IA64] avoid freeing arch.privregs twice
2006-12-08 awilliam [IA64] change XEN_DOMCTL_getmemlist to return gmfn instead of mfn
2006-12-07 awilliam [IA64] Map shared_info into guest pseudo physical address space
2006-12-05 awilliam [IA64] changed foreign domain page mapping semantic.
2006-11-28 awilliam [IA64] xenoprof ia64 xen side
2006-11-10 awilliam [IA64] IA64 counter part of the change 12204:e6fdb32b786c of xen-unstable.hg
2006-10-27 kaf24 [XEN] Some cleanups to the log-level stuff. Largely this
2006-10-27 kaf24 [XEN] Logging parameters for ia64 code.
2006-10-25 awilliam [IA64] NUMA support
2006-10-24 awilliam merge with xen-unstable.hg
2006-10-23 kfraser [XEN] Remove definition of printf. All users are switched to printk.
2006-10-04 awilliam [IA64] expose p2m table. xen side part.
2006-10-02 awilliam [IA64] add perfcounter of dom0vp_phystomach and dom0vp_machtophys
2006-08-30 kaf24 Merge with xen-ia64-unstable.hg
2006-08-30 kaf24 [XEN] Add a start_pfn field in xen_domctl_getmemlist.
2006-08-27 awilliam merge with xen-unstable.hg
2006-08-25 kfraser Replace dom0_ops hypercall with three new hypercalls:
2006-08-18 awilliam [IA64] makes some includes explicit
2006-08-04 awilliam [IA64] Remove P==M support
2006-08-03 awilliam [IA64] fix memory leak when domVTI is created
2006-07-31 awilliam [IA64] DOM0_GETPAGEFRAMEINFO & DOM0_GETPAGEFRAMEINFO2 removed
2006-07-27 awilliam [IA64] IO ports for driver domains.
2006-07-27 awilliam [IA64] iomem support for driver domains.
2006-07-26 awilliam [IA64] live migration
2006-07-11 awilliam [IA64] Save & restore.
2006-07-06 awilliam [IA64] Bug fix: DOM0_GETMEMLIST: do not return -EINVAL in case of success!
2006-07-05 awilliam merge with xen-unstable.hg
2006-07-05 kfraser [XEN] getpagframeinfo field name mfn -> gmfn.
2006-07-05 awilliam [IA64] Implement and use DOM0_DOMAIN_STEUP.
2006-06-23 awilliam [IA64] dom0vp machtophys fix argument check
2006-05-15 awilliam [IA64] Strengthen dom0_getmemlist
2006-05-12 awilliam [IA64] xen: remove dom0vp_populate_physmap hypercall
2006-04-27 kaf24 Rename *GUEST_HANDLE to *XEN_GUEST_HANDLE.
2006-04-25 awilliam [IA64] Fix the total memory info with xm info command
2006-04-25 awilliam [IA64] introduce dom0vp hypercalls
2006-04-17 awilliam [IA64] Add support for discontiguous physical memory.
2006-04-07 awilliam [IA64] Fixed DOM0_PHYSINFO
2006-04-04 awilliam [IA64] Add memory operations for xen/ia64
2006-03-22 awilliam [IA64] Fixed VTI domain destruction
2006-03-03 kaf24 Rename guest_handle() macro to GUEST_HANDLE() and define_guest_handle()
2006-03-03 kaf24 Move dom0_op hypercall to the guest_handle interface (inside Xen).
2006-02-28 awilliam [IA64] cleanup warning in xen/ia64 (arch/ia64/xen)
2006-02-03 kaf24 Get ia64 working again on xen-unstable after cset 8736.
2006-02-01 kaf24 Rename physical-address-related variables and functions
2005-11-30 djm Add (incomplete) dom0_physinfo call to try with xm list and xen-bugtool
2005-10-13 djm Some outstanding bug fixes found in VT merge
2005-09-13 djm Catchup with xen-unstable, add ia64 specifics to tools, and some VTI merge
2005-09-01 djm Final changes for linux 2.6.13 rebasing and some directory reorgs