log xen/arch/ia64/xen/vcpu.c

age author description
2006-07-11 awilliam [IA64] Save & restore.
2006-07-10 awilliam [IA64] fix vcpu_itr_i(), vcpu_itr_d() and vcpu_flush_tlb_vhpt_range() callers
2006-07-05 awilliam [IA64] fix domain_flush_vtlb_all()
2006-07-05 awilliam [IA64] Implement and use DOM0_DOMAIN_STEUP.
2006-07-03 awilliam [IA64] Emulate PAL_HALT_LIGHT
2006-07-03 awilliam [IA64] privop_stat.c
2006-06-23 awilliam [IA64] Allow guest to set the address of shared_info.
2006-06-20 awilliam [IA64] build linux kernel without using asm-xsi-offsets.h
2006-06-20 awilliam [IA64] check address clash with Xen for itc/ptc/itr/ptr
2006-06-20 awilliam [IA64] Create vpsr_pp in privregs instead of using tmp[8].
2006-06-19 awilliam [IA64] add get_page() to prevent from freeing page
2006-06-19 awilliam [IA64] fix races caused by p2m entry update
2006-06-09 awilliam [IA64] add memory barrier to domain_flush_vtlb_range()
2006-06-03 awilliam [IA64] Vcpu hot-plug support
2006-06-03 awilliam [IA64] Add carriage return to printk/printf
2006-06-03 awilliam [IA64] rewrite priv_handle_op()
2006-05-31 awilliam [IA64] remaining warnings removed
2006-05-24 awilliam [IA64] Add ptc.l emulation
2006-05-23 awilliam [IA64] Add event injection logic
2006-05-16 awilliam [IA64] vhtp clean-up
2006-05-15 awilliam [IA64] move evtchn_vector to shared_info
2006-05-08 awilliam [IA64] slightly improve stability
2006-04-25 awilliam [IA64] smp boot speed-up (sal cache flush, itc/itv messages)
2006-04-25 awilliam [IA64] emulate ldfp8 in mmio
2006-04-25 awilliam [IA64] introduce P2M conversion
2006-04-19 awilliam [IA64] more mmio insn for VTi
2006-04-10 awilliam [IA64] ptc.ga for SMP-g
2006-04-06 awilliam [IA64] cleanup in regionreg.c
2006-04-04 awilliam [IA64] set itv handoff as masked and enable reading irr[0-3]
2006-03-31 awilliam [IA64] vcpu_match_tr_entry
2006-03-30 awilliam [IA64] Merge vpsr.i with evtchn_upcall_mask tosolve one trickish bug
2006-03-29 awilliam [IA64] set_metaphysical_mode fix
2006-03-27 awilliam [IA64] ptc.ga for SMP-g
2006-03-20 awilliam [IA64] correct mistake from previous patch
2006-03-20 awilliam [IA64] Removed warning messages
2006-03-17 awilliam [IA64] fixed a vcpu_translate bug
2006-03-15 awilliam [IA64] LID virtualization
2006-03-14 awilliam [IA64] Turn off pending guest timer printk
2006-03-14 awilliam [IA64] Remove the last compile warnings
2006-03-10 awilliam [IA64] Merge guest TR emulation
2006-03-09 awilliam [IA64] in_tpa is now an argument of vcpu_translate
2006-03-08 awilliam [IA64] cleanups
2006-03-07 awilliam [IA64] Some noisy traces removed.
2006-03-06 awilliam [IA64] Warnings removal and small cleanups.
2006-02-28 awilliam [IA64] xen_timer_interval removed (was not used).
2006-02-28 awilliam [IA64] delivery_mask removed (was unused).
2006-02-28 awilliam [IA64] cleanup warning in xen/ia64 (arch/ia64/xen)
2006-02-24 awilliam [IA64] cleanup itir_ps(), itir_mask()
2006-02-17 awilliam [IA64] different type of argument in vcpu_set_gr()
2006-01-06 kaf24 Clean up xen-internal representation of per-vcpu
2005-12-15 djm Under some specific conditions, dom0 will lose guest timer interrupt.
2005-11-23 djm vcpu_regs defined in ptrace.h (get regs from vcpu). Manual conversions and duplicate declarations removed. (by Tristan Gingold)
2005-11-18 djm Fix read of guest psr to properly set dfh and other bits (by Matt Chapman)
2005-11-18 djm Properly pass iha/itir if data miss occurs when fetching privop (by Matt Chapman)
2005-11-16 djm Changes so that Xen can be compiled with gcc 4.0.2: (by Tristan Gingold)
2005-11-16 djm Fix problem if itlb miss occurs when in metaphysical mode
2005-11-11 djm Fix region0 virtual accesses
2005-11-10 djm Back out partial fix in ia64-unstable 7665/7/8, breaks Debian boot
2005-11-09 djm Don't panic for other region physaddr handling in vcpu_translate
2005-11-09 djm Don't panic for (rare) dom0 physaddr with uncacheable attribute