log xen/arch/ia64/xen/xentime.c

age author description
2006-03-27 awilliam [IA64] Followup to xen time cleanup
2006-03-20 awilliam [IA64] Removed warning messages
2006-03-17 awilliam merge
2006-03-15 kaf24 Unlike x86 and apparently ia64, PowerPC delivers timer interrupts as a
2006-03-06 awilliam [IA64] #if 0'd useless code in timer handled.
2006-03-06 awilliam [IA64] Warnings removal and small cleanups.
2006-02-28 awilliam [IA64] cleanup warning in xen/ia64 (arch/ia64/xen)
2006-01-12 kaf24 Rename ac_timer_* interfaces -> timer_*. The ac_ is
2006-01-06 kaf24 Clean up xen-internal representation of per-vcpu
2005-10-24 djm Code reordering for (partial) gcc3.4 compatibility
2005-10-14 djm Fix reprogram_ac_timer corner case bug, by Tristan Gingold
2005-10-13 djm Some outstanding bug fixes found in VT merge
2005-10-12 djm Initial SMP support
2005-09-06 djm First part of timer merge
2005-09-01 djm Final changes for linux 2.6.13 rebasing and some directory reorgs