log xen/include/asm-powerpc/mm.h

age author description
2007-02-24 Keir Fraser xen memory allocator: Allow per-domain bitwidth restrictions.
2007-01-19 Hollis Blanchard [POWERPC][XEN] Mark heap memory based on boot_of.c's allocator.
2006-12-12 Hollis Blanchard [POWERPC] Merge in outstanding changes from xenppc-unstable.hg.
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis [XEN][POWERPC] Create a Domain Foreign Map space
2006-10-03 Hollis Blanchard [POWERPC][XEN] Move gmfn_to_mfn() from page.h to mm.h to avoid recursive header dependencies.
2006-10-02 Jimi Xenidis [XEN][POWERPC] Use gmfn_to_mfn() over pfn2mfn()
2006-11-30 Hollis Blanchard [XEN][POWERPC] Clean up debug/traceback/trapping logic
2006-09-19 kfraser Merge with xenppc-unstable-merge.hg
2006-09-14 Jimi Xenidis [POWERPC][XEN] Clean up init_frame_table()
2006-09-14 Jimi Xenidis [POWERPC][XEN] Safety with foreign get_page() calls and RMA
2006-09-13 Jimi Xenidis [POWERPC][XEN] Track pages correctly
2006-09-12 Jimi Xenidis [POWERPC][XEN] Handle foreign page mappings correctly
2006-09-07 Jimi Xenidis [POWERPC][XEN] More Robust Memory Checking
2006-09-18 hollisb [POWERPC] merge with xen-unstable.hg
2006-09-11 kaf24 [XEN] Revert changeset 11438. Needs fixing for PAE.
2006-09-08 kfraser [XEN] Remove backpointer info from page type info. No longer used.
2006-08-27 Jimi Xenidis [XEN][POWERPC] Allocate more memory than RMA for Dom0
2006-08-25 Hollis Blanchard [XEN][POWERPC] split out an allocate_rma() function from arch_domain_create()
2006-08-25 Jimi Xenidis [XEN][POWERPC] Lots of domain page managment cleanups.
2006-08-14 Jimi Xenidis [POWERPC] memory cleanup (phase 2), destroy (et. al) now work
2006-08-14 kfraser [XEN] Remove sync_pagetable_state(). No longer needed.
2006-08-11 kfraser [XEN] Remove batched writable pagetable logic.
2006-07-27 Hollis Blanchard [powerpc] implement page_is_removable()
2006-07-14 kfraser [powerpc] Initial checkin of new powerpc files.