log tools/xm-test/configure.ac

age author description
2008-01-17 Keir Fraser tools/docs: Fix example and default IP addresses.
2007-10-02 Keir Fraser xm-test: Fix bugzilla #1051.
2007-08-12 James Bulpin xm-test: Allow dom0 network interface used in tests to be overriden
2007-02-01 Ewan Mellor Use the new xen-python-path to set PYTHONPATH, rather than trying to do it in
2007-01-11 Ewan Mellor This patch does the following:
2006-11-02 Ewan Mellor fix xm-test configure.ac to not define RD_PATH which prevented env override
2006-11-01 Ewan Mellor Bump xm-test version to 1.1 to accommodate new devices.
2006-10-24 Ewan Mellor Added multiarch support to xm-test. Bumped version number to xm-test 1.0.
2006-10-18 kfraser [TPM] Add tests cases for the ACM security hooks and tools to
2006-07-14 kaf24 Xm-test HVM network testing is broken. The new qemu code doesn't support
2006-06-08 ack Add sched-credit xm tests but don't run them by default yet...
2006-06-01 emellor Block device write-verify test.
2006-05-19 harry Add a read-verify block device test to xm-test.
2006-05-07 stekloff The buildroot xm-test grabs is no longer present, this patch fixes it.
2006-05-05 emellor Use the auxbin module to find the appropriate install directory for our Python
2006-05-04 stekloff Add new networking infrastructure to Xm-Test. The goal is to make
2006-04-28 kaf24 Revert the xm-test ramdisk patch until we build new initrds.
2006-04-28 kaf24 This patch fixes the buildroot for the xm-test ramdisk. The buildroot xm-test
2006-02-27 emellor The attached patch does the following:
2006-01-31 kaf24 Big merge the HVM full-virtualisation abstractions.
2006-01-29 kaf24 Adding network testing support for xm-test with hvm.
2006-01-29 kaf24 VMX support for xm-test currently doesn't support network tests for eth0
2006-01-26 stekloff Add configuration option for specifying kernel to use for hvm/vmx testing
2006-01-24 stekloff Added dependency check for lilo in configure.ac for vmx enabled builds. Must
2005-12-09 stekloff Add initial VMX support to xm-test:
2005-12-09 emellor Makefile plumbing for new network tests.
2005-11-25 dan Add sanity checks that let us know if there are any problems before
2005-11-23 root xm-test: add tests for network-attach command
2005-11-18 dan Add hping to the ramdisk. Also, do some very simple versioning.
2005-11-08 emellor This patch increments the version number of xm-test so that we can
2005-11-07 emellor Wholesale import of xm-test 0.4.0.