log xen/arch/x86/traps.c

age author description
2006-08-01 kfraser [XEN] Add hypercall support for HVM guests. This is
2006-07-31 kfraser [XEN] Some suspicion that we may enter an infinite
2006-07-25 kfraser [XEN] Increase debug stack size from 4kB to 8kB.
2006-07-13 kfraser [XEN] Clean up page-fault propagation when acessing guest addresses.
2006-07-05 kfraser [XEN] Add CPUID hypervisor-info leaves at index 0x40000000.
2006-07-05 kfraser [XEN] Separate domain creation from vcpu creation.
2006-06-19 kfraser [XEN][PAE] Handle non-page-aligned CR3 when walking
2006-06-19 kfraser [XEN] New function dump_execution_state() displays
2006-06-19 kfraser [XEN] Rename show_registers() to show_execution_state().
2006-06-19 kfraser [XEN] Improve double-fault tracing -- print backtrace
2006-06-18 kaf24 [XEN] Fix page-fault handler to not trust bit 0 of error code.
2006-06-17 kaf24 Small fixes to changesets 10424 and 10425 (spurious #PF detection).
2006-06-16 kfraser [XEN] Make the spurious page-fault detection logic
2006-06-14 kfraser [XEN] Abstract setting of master event-pending flag into asm/event.h.
2006-06-09 kaf24 [XEN] IOPL is ignored for VM86 mode port accesses. Fix Xen
2006-06-02 kaf24 [PAE] Fix support for pgdirs above 4GB. Requires an interface change so that %cr3
2006-06-01 kfraser Fix negation of unsigned quantities in the Xen x86 emulator.
2006-05-26 kaf24 Cast to a signed type before negating if we really want the result to be negative.
2006-05-05 kaf24 Add more in_irq() checking. Add irq_enter()/irq_exit() where
2006-04-27 kaf24 Rename *GUEST_HANDLE to *XEN_GUEST_HANDLE.
2006-04-21 Ian Campbell Xen support for sysenter/exit on x86_32 when supervisor_mode_kernel is
2006-04-21 Ian Campbell Add include/xen/nmi.h and update files which #include <asm/nmi.h>.
2006-04-06 kaf24 Use machine_halt() where it makes sense, to halt all processors
2006-04-04 kaf24 With the standard (XEN) prefix and the setting of 8 words per line,
2006-03-26 kaf24 Add format printf attribute to panic() prototype and fix the error
2006-03-24 kaf24 Detect spurious faults taken in the hypervisor that are
2006-03-23 kaf24 Fix build with crash_debug=y.
2006-03-22 kaf24 Paravirtualise the CPUID instruction by forcing emulation with an invalid-opcode prefix.
2006-03-08 kaf24 Lower-casify some macros, and rename kernel_mode() to guest_kernel_mode().
2006-03-08 kaf24 Fix up #PF error code before propagating to guest kernel.
2006-03-07 kaf24 Upgrade all hypercalls to use the new guest_handle interface (on the Xen side).
2006-03-03 kaf24 Add a 'clear trap table' path to set_trap_table hypercall, taken when
2006-03-01 kaf24 Clean wrpt state when emulating CR3 write.
2006-02-28 kaf24 Sketch a new interface for transferring hypercall arguments in memory.
2006-02-27 kaf24 Add a compile time option to enable domain 0 running in ring 0.
2006-02-24 kaf24 Quieten down MSR access warnings.
2006-02-23 kaf24 Clean up segment selector fixup and validation.
2006-02-17 cl349 Fix Read/Write CR3 emulation.
2006-02-15 kaf24 More fixes to HVM FPU management. Mostly for SVM, but also
2006-02-14 kaf24 Upgrade arch/x86/cpu/* files to their equivalents in
2006-02-09 smh22 Quiet down wbinvd warning for verbose/debug builds of xen.
2006-02-07 kaf24 Apply stricter checking to RDMSR/WRMSR emulations.
2006-02-03 kaf24 Fix show_registers() on x86/64. Get rid of
2006-01-27 kaf24 Uniform definition of do_iret prototype. Use 'struct foo'
2006-01-13 Ian Campbell Correctly handle dumping a VM86 guest's stack.
2006-01-12 kaf24 Fix compile warning about uninitialised vars.
2006-01-12 kaf24 More debug print cleanups.
2006-01-11 kaf24 More code cleanups, mainly to do_iret() implementations.
2006-01-11 Ian Campbell Pass NMIs to DOM0 via a dedicated callback, core Xen support.
2006-01-09 kaf24 General start-of-day cleanups, resulting in the
2005-12-31 kaf24 Allow non-privileged domains restricted access to
2005-12-31 kaf24 Store admin-specified ioport capabilities in a rangeset
2005-12-29 kaf24 Various fixes to Xen stack management. Ensure the cpu0_stack
2005-12-23 kaf24 Modify CR0 access emulation -- return physical CR0 (except
2005-12-20 kaf24 Allow unknown NMIs to be propagated to domain0 via new
2005-12-06 kaf24 Pull nmi/traps changes from Linux 2.6.14.
2005-11-09 kaf24 Move linear faulting address (%cr2) out of the page fault
2005-10-30 kaf24 Fix floating-point corruption (a nasty race in fp task-switch
2005-10-05 kaf24 Emulate guest reads of CR4, masking features that Xen
2005-09-22 djm Merge latest xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable