log xen/arch/x86/hvm/svm/svm.c

age author description
2006-08-01 kfraser [XEN] Add hypercall support for HVM guests. This is
2006-07-26 kfraser [SVM] Correct compile time compare of CONFIG_PAGING_LEVELS for 64bit and
2006-07-14 kaf24 [SVM] Add perfcounter svmexits array with correct size creation.
2006-07-14 kaf24 [HVM] Create I/O context for MMIO/PIO processing in an
2006-07-05 kfraser [XEN] Add CPUID hypervisor-info leaves at index 0x40000000.
2006-06-30 kaf24 [HVM][SVM] Don't BUG when VMRUN exitcode==-1, just crash the domain.
2006-06-28 kaf24 [HVM][SVM] Clean up double-fault handling.
2006-06-28 kaf24 [HVM][SVM] Disable machine check bits in CPUID_1.
2006-06-28 kaf24 [HVM][SVM] Clean up 32bit/64bit guest register code differences.
2006-06-27 kaf24 [HVM][SVM] move printk pin msg under an "if svm_dbg_on" conditional to
2006-06-01 kaf24 Fix pagetable accessor macros in Xen to have better names and to
2006-06-01 kaf24 Use DEFINE_SPINLOCK consistently throughout Xen.
2006-05-31 kfraser [SVM] Remove redundant MAX_INST_SIZE definition.
2006-05-31 kaf24 [SVM] Fix virtualization of the CPUID NX bit, and clean up other CPUID bits.
2006-05-30 kaf24 [HVM][AMD] Support HVM SMP guests on AMD Pacifica hardware (svm platform).
2006-05-25 kaf24 Fix VMEXIT tracing.
2006-05-25 kaf24 [HVM] Support multiple HVM time device models coming soon.
2006-05-19 kaf24 Several page allocations, done in the hypervisor when starting an HVM
2006-05-18 kaf24 Fix the build after SVM patches.
2006-05-18 kaf24 SVM patch to add a host save area per core for the hypervisor and also
2006-05-18 kaf24 Fix register corruption caused by c/s 9922.
2006-05-17 kaf24 SVM patch to cleanup guest event injection logic, remove unnecessary
2006-05-17 kaf24 SVM patch to reverse the logic of the general1 intercepts for easier
2006-05-17 kaf24 SVM patch to cleanup IOIO handling, do not use "real" mode but rather
2006-05-05 kaf24 It's unnecessary on MOV CRn to use "q" or "l" to indicate default
2006-05-04 kaf24 SVM patch for 64bit hv, to reset the ss, es, ds host selectors to NULL
2006-05-04 kaf24 SVM patch to cleanup the host save area allocation and deallocation,
2006-04-21 kaf24 There are instances where we DO NOT want an hvm guest to run an
2006-04-19 kaf24 Sync PIT device model with latest qemu and move it to hypervisor.
2006-04-13 kaf24 This is to align PIT counter with TSC more accurately.
2006-04-13 kaf24 SVM patch to add BP exception intercept support.
2006-04-13 kaf24 SVM patch to init rsp properly.
2006-04-13 kaf24 SVM patch to add PAE support.
2006-04-13 kaf24 SVM patch to add add init intercept handler.
2006-04-01 kaf24 [SVM] Do not update seg.base in realmode while obtaining the io
2006-03-30 kaf24 More fixes to gdbserver for HVM guest debugging. Also fix
2006-03-29 kaf24 SVM patch to update guest time with latest hvm modifications.
2006-03-28 kaf24 SVM only patch to fix location of PIO request RIP update.
2006-03-26 kaf24 Don't reclaim vcpus that are not put into use yet when destroying HVM
2006-03-23 kaf24 Merge hvm_store_cpu_guest_regs() and hvm_store_cpu_guest_ctrl_regs()
2006-03-23 kaf24 SVM patch to fix guest time, including 64bit msr code - allowing 64bit
2006-03-22 kaf24 SVM patch to enable SMI intercept.
2006-03-22 kaf24 SVM patch to fix problem with evtchn/lost interrupts and re-enable hvm_safe_block().
2006-03-22 kaf24 SVM patch to fix problem with instruction decode.
2006-03-19 kaf24 Abstract some details of context switching into ctxt_switch_from/to
2006-03-16 kaf24 Clean up HVM relinquish_guest_resources interface and implementation.
2006-03-06 kaf24 Fix SVM guest destroy: I/O shared page is mapped globally so must unmap
2006-03-02 kaf24 Fix printing of u64 value 'msr_content' to use PRIx64 format.
2006-03-01 kaf24 Add SVM 32bit msr support (combined both 32bit with 64bit functions)
2006-02-28 kaf24 SVM patch to add 64bit hv support.
2006-02-28 kaf24 Fix SVM cr0 handling.
2006-02-28 kaf24 Fix SVM PAE support.
2006-02-28 kaf24 Fix SVM guest pin timer migration logic.
2006-02-28 kaf24 Fix SVM vlapic logic.
2006-02-28 kaf24 Removing hvm_safe_block() from the SVM hlt function avoids SVM guest problems.
2006-02-23 kaf24 Per-vcpu IO evtchn patch for HVM domain.
2006-02-22 kaf24 Change shadow_direct_map_init/clean param from vcpu to domain.
2006-02-18 kaf24 Fix debug build.
2006-02-18 kaf24 Svm patch to remove unneeded update_pagetables().
2006-02-18 kaf24 Svm patch to fix asid logic on multicore.