log tools/python/xen/xend/balloon.py

age author description
2008-07-22 Keir Fraser xend balloon: portability cleanup
2008-06-10 Keir Fraser xend: minor ballooning cleanup
2008-04-07 Keir Fraser Split the meaning of "dom0-min-mem = 0" to a new option.
2007-09-25 Keir Fraser xend memory ballooning: do not bother if guest will not fit in
2007-07-19 kfraser xend: Give back memory to dom0 after a failed auto-balloon attempt.
2007-06-11 kfraser xend: Do not give up auto-ballooning if ballooning is proceeding okay.
2007-03-31 Keir Fraser xend: Implement auto-ballooning for Solaris.
2007-01-18 Ewan Mellor Rename XendRoot to XendOptions.
2006-06-27 kaf24 [BALLOON] Make the domain0 ballooning logic in xend aware of pages that are on the page scrub list.
2006-06-24 emellor Increases the retry limit to allow xend more time before issuing a balloon
2006-05-25 kaf24 [XEND] Wait sufficient time for memory to balloon out before creating a new domain.
2006-04-01 kaf24 When dom0 fails to balloon enough memory to allow a new domain to start,
2006-03-10 emellor The attached patch cleans up the parsing of /proc/xen/balloon that
2005-12-08 emellor Loop retrying when ballooning out, even when the dom0-min-mem setting means
2005-12-01 emellor Move the dom0 ballooning-out code from the xm create handler and into the