log buildconfigs/Rules.mk

age author description
2007-06-04 Ian Campbell Remove sparse tree.
2007-04-20 kfraser Revert 14883:6568c1882af5 and 14862:98efd2e410ae.
2007-04-16 Ian Campbell Factor out sparse tree makefile fragments and introduce an alternative hg-clone
2006-10-18 kfraser Avoid need for GREP variable by avoiding GNUisms. The
2006-10-17 kfraser [SOLARIS] Use GNU grep on Solaris.
2006-10-17 kfraser Introduce Makefile config fragments for OS-specific differences.
2006-08-29 Ian Campbell Fix definition of LINUX_VER so that doesn't pickup LINUX_VER3
2006-08-15 Ian Campbell Add a series file to order the patches in patches/linux-<version>
2006-07-08 chris [BUILD] Fix re-use of existing config files in dist/install/boot.
2006-07-03 kaf24 [BUILD] Miscellaneous build-system fixes and tweaks.
2006-04-13 kaf24 In some cases, say for instance for some bizzare reason
2006-04-10 kaf24 build: Clean up use of .PHONY
2006-04-10 kaf24 Remove unused netbsd build fragments.
2006-04-10 kaf24 'make mkpatches' diffs against pristine tree rather than
2006-03-20 cl349 Update to Linux 2.6.16.
2006-02-02 cl349 Update to Linux 2.6.16-rc1-git4.
2006-01-30 cl349 Update linux sparse tree to subarch layout.
2005-12-10 vhanquez Allows a 'make prep-kernels' which sets up the kernel directories, allowing
2005-12-08 vhanquez really fix mkpatches to work correctly.
2005-12-08 vhanquez fix mkpatches for creating correctly linux-2.6-xen.patch
2005-11-11 kaf24 Fix application of OS patches to deal better with failure.
2005-10-19 kaf24 Better fix to detect failed patch application when building
2005-10-19 kaf24 Rename patch so it actually gets applied. Fail
2005-10-11 djm Merged
2005-10-11 kaf24 Fix the legacy %-build targets for dist installation of
2005-10-08 djm Merge
2005-10-05 kaf24 Clean up DESTDIR handling. Default install is to root
2005-10-05 kaf24 Move setting of configuration variables to Config.mk.
2005-09-29 djm Merge xen-unstable into xen-ia64-unstable
2005-09-29 djm Merge