log xen/include/public/elfnote.h

age author description
2007-02-20 kfraser linux/x86: Advertise which page table entries contain MFNs and hence
2007-02-19 Ian Campbell [LIBELF] Prefer PT_NOTE segments to SHT_NOTE sections for ELF notes.
2007-01-11 Ian Campbell [XEN] Update comments in elfnote.h interface header.
2006-11-30 Ian Campbell [XEN] Kexec / Kdump: Generic code
2006-11-10 kfraser [LINUX] Support variable hypervisor_virt_start.
2006-11-08 kaf24 [XEN] Put the non-GPL license text in each public header file.
2006-08-23 Ian Campbell [XEN] Define the types to be used with Xen in the ELF notes section.