view freebsd-5.3-xen-sparse/xenfbsd_kernel_build @ 6417:f7cdd99d1106

Fix MPT mapping for x86/64. Also i386 no longer needs
4MB mapping for PAE, as xenlinux can handle faults when
accessing unmapped sections of the table.

Signed-off-by: Keir Fraser <keir@xensource.com>
author kaf24@firebug.cl.cam.ac.uk
date Thu Aug 25 17:15:41 2005 +0000 (2005-08-25)
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1 #!/bin/csh -f
2 cd i386-xen/conf
3 config XENCONF
4 cd ../compile/XENCONF
5 make kernel-clean
6 ln -s ../../include/xen-public/io/ring.h
7 make kernel-depend; make -j4 kernel