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libxc: Exchange a page for PV guest

This patch support exchange a page for a suspended PV guest from user

The basic idea to offline a page is:
1) mark a page offline pending
2) If the page is owned by a HVM domain, user have to live migrate it.
In future, with stub-domain support, we can also exchange the page
without migration.
3) If the page is owned by a PV domain, we will try to exchange the
offline pending page to a new one and free the old page.

This patch achieves item 3.

The method to exchange the offline pending page for PV domain is:

1) Suspend the guest.
2) If the page is being granted out, return with offline pending.
3) Get a copy for the content
4) Scan all page table page to see if any reference to the offending
page, if yes, make the entry to be non-present to reduce the reference
5) After update all page tables, user space tools will try to exchange
the old page. If the new mfn has no reference anymore (i.e.
count_info & count_mask =3D 1), the exchange will allocate a new page,
update the m2p and return success, otherwise it will return fail.
6) If step 5 is success, user space tools will update the content of
the new page change the p2m table, and change all entries scaned in
step 4 to point to new entry.
if step failed, it will try to undo step 4 to revert page table.
7) Resume the guest.

Please refer to thread in
for more information.

Signed-off-by: Jiang, Yunhong <yunhong.jiang@intel.com>
author Keir Fraser <keir.fraser@citrix.com>
date Mon Jun 01 14:15:48 2009 +0100 (2009-06-01)
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1 42882b3e0dda89f3a8ec00da568f86e9b3c230f1 RELEASE-2.0.0
2 475a162b66e2c19b1e9468b234a4ba705334905e RELEASE-2.0.1
3 dc2f08429f17e6614fd2f1ab88cc09ca0a850f32 RELEASE-2.0.2
4 6e1bbc13911751efa0b1c018425c1b085820fa02 RELEASE-2.0.3
5 fb875591fd72e15c31879c0e9034d99b80225595 RELEASE-2.0.4
6 1a522944f76540ea9d73fcc1b0d13d0f670183f0 RELEASE-2.0.5
7 2a5814ad2e5634a5fa291b703a152e7fc0b4faf0 RELEASE-2.0.6
8 487b2ee37d1cecb5f3e7a546b05ad097a0226f2f beta1
9 6a65fe0f84c8339b5b89362d0ec34d8abab752b0 ia64-stable
10 3d330e41f41ce1bc118c02346e18949ad5d67f6b latest-semistable
11 30c521db4c71960b0cf1d9c9e1b658e77b535a3e latest-stable
12 9afec5bc14aeb197ef37ea54a57eacd427463fc3 semistable
13 30c521db4c71960b0cf1d9c9e1b658e77b535a3e split-1.0
14 3d330e41f41ce1bc118c02346e18949ad5d67f6b split-1.1
15 c8fdb0caa77b429cf47f9707926e83947778cb48 RELEASE-3.0.0
16 af0573e9e5258db0a9d28aa954dd302ddd2c2d23 3.0.2-rc
17 d0d3fef37685be264a7f52201f8ef44c030daad3 3.0.2-branched
18 6ed4368b4a9e1924c983774c4b1a2b6baf8e98a6 3.0.3-branched
19 057f7c4dbed1c75a3fbe446d346cee04cff31497 3.0.4-branched
20 d2ef85c6bf84cc619ca2d42c2edfc6229e70a6ad 3.1.0-branched
21 bd3d6b4c52ec809f080c89c4ffcf61dc6e445978 sparse-tree-deprecated
22 1f0c6e0d74a4acc1d3796ff705adc8485eba9377 3.2.0-rc1
23 458dc123dd02d38aaa9acb513d6f237a1c6e967e 3.2.0-rc2
24 ed79613b48817d5e0d1f9b3cf104c0e4e8b0d8cf 3.2.0-rc3
25 c5deb251b9dcece9e466a48a66d3528ca1797db4 3.2.0-rc4
26 36bb2ab4722733d919d32e4555eb46cc6a06cb8f 3.2.0-rc5
27 9facc624a238f2b9437b07fa28ff65884aa867f2 3.2.0-rc6
28 c3494402098e26507fc61a6579832c0149351d6a 3.3.0-rc1
29 dde12ff94c96331668fe38a7b09506fa94d03c34 3.3.0-rc2
30 57fca3648f25dcc085ee380954342960a7979987 3.3.0-rc3
31 96d0a48e87ee46ba7b73e8c906a7e2e0baf60e2e 3.3.0-rc4
32 b4dba6a0e97cb6dd080fa566468e3cc972c34d7a 3.3.0-rc5
33 bc372510f1794ee41a8b0501cc84f8a65d05e094 3.3.0-rc6
34 daf1193bcd11345d566a4747fe1f12c90b44452c 3.3.0-rc7
35 1e99ba54035623731bc7318a8357aa6a118c5da1 3.3.0-branched
36 d611d9ac6d0271b53eb1d4e5d0c4ef20b269eea8 3.4.0-rc1
37 087854cf3ed9e30ce6bcf7499c9675b759e1e9e7 3.4.0-rc2
38 22e01301ff64c6f9f835f604523ac019f0f5e993 3.4.0-rc3