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Add behaviour to the remove methods to remove the transaction's path itself. This allows us to write Remove(path) to remove the specified path rather than having to slice the path ourselves.
author emellor@ewan
date Sun Sep 18 14:42:13 2005 +0100 (2005-09-18)
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1 hashtable.o: hashtable.c hashtable.h hashtable_private.h
2 hashtable_itr.o: hashtable_itr.c hashtable.h hashtable_private.h \
3 hashtable_itr.h
4 bsg.o: bsg.c tcg.h ../crypto/crypto.h ../crypto/sym_crypto.h buffer.h \
5 bsg.h log.h
6 log.o: log.c buffer.h tcg.h
7 buffer.o: buffer.c tcg.h bsg.h buffer.h