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Greatly simplified Xen softirqs. They are now only executed in outermost Xen activation; they are never called within an irq context.
author kaf24@scramble.cl.cam.ac.uk
date Thu Nov 13 16:41:02 2003 +0000 (2003-11-13)
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1 AACRAID Driver for Linux (take two)
3 Introduction
4 -------------------------
5 The aacraid driver adds support for Adaptec (http://www.adaptec.com)
6 RAID controllers. This is a major rewrite from the original
7 Adaptec supplied driver. It has signficantly cleaned up both the code
8 and the running binary size (the module is less than half the size of
9 the original).
11 Supported Cards/Chipsets
12 -------------------------
13 Dell Computer Corporation PERC 2 Quad Channel
14 Dell Computer Corporation PERC 2/Si
15 Dell Computer Corporation PERC 3/Si
16 Dell Computer Corporation PERC 3/Di
17 HP NetRAID-4M
18 ADAPTEC 2120S
19 ADAPTEC 2200S
20 ADAPTEC 5400S
21 Legend S220
22 Legend S230
23 Adaptec 3230S
24 Adaptec 3240S
25 ASR-2020S PCI-X
26 AAR-2410SA SATA
28 People
29 -------------------------
30 Alan Cox <alan@redhat.com>
31 Christoph Hellwig <hch@infradead.org> (small cleanups/fixes)
32 Matt Domsch <matt_domsch@dell.com> (revision ioctl, adapter messages)
33 Deanna Bonds <deanna_bonds@adaptec.com> (non-DASD support, PAE fibs and 64 bit, added new adaptec controllers
34 added new ioctls, changed scsi interface to use new error handler,
35 increased the number of fibs and outstanding commands to a container)
37 (fixed 64bit and 64G memory model, changed confusing naming convention
38 where fibs that go to the hardware are consistently called hw_fibs and
39 not just fibs like the name of the driver tracking structure)
40 Mark Salyzyn <Mark_Salyzyn@adaptec.com> Fixed panic issues and added some new product ids for upcoming hbas.
42 Original Driver
43 -------------------------
44 Adaptec Unix OEM Product Group
46 Mailing List
47 -------------------------
48 linux-aacraid-devel@dell.com (Interested parties troll here)
49 http://mbserver.adaptec.com/ (Currently more Community Support than Devel Support)
50 Also note this is very different to Brian's original driver
51 so don't expect him to support it.
52 Adaptec does support this driver. Contact either tech support or Mark Salyzyn.
54 Original by Brian Boerner February 2001
55 Rewritten by Alan Cox, November 2001