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Add a series file to order the patches in patches/linux-<version>

The initial ordering is the same as produced by the previous shell
globbing method.

The series file is a simple list of patch files relative to the
patches/linux-<version>/ directory. We do not support comments,
trailing directives (e.g. "-pN") or blank lines. Apart from these
restrictions the series file should be compatible with patch queue
management tools such as quilt.

Signed-off-by: Ian Campbell <ian.campbell@xensource.com>
author Ian.Campbell@xensource.com
date Tue Aug 15 10:06:13 2006 +0100 (2006-08-15)
children a4550b748840
line source
1 blktap-aio-16_03_06.patch
2 device_bind.patch
3 fix-hz-suspend.patch
4 fix-ide-cd-pio-mode.patch
5 i386-mach-io-check-nmi.patch
6 ipv6-no-autoconf.patch
7 net-csum.patch
8 net-gso-0-base.patch
9 net-gso-1-check-dodgy.patch
10 net-gso-2-checksum-fix.patch
11 net-gso-3-fix-errorcheck.patch
12 net-gso-4-kill-warnon.patch
13 pmd-shared.patch
14 rcu_needs_cpu.patch
15 rename-TSS_sysenter_esp0-SYSENTER_stack_esp0.patch
16 smp-alts.patch
17 tpm_plugin_2.6.17.patch
18 x86-increase-interrupt-vector-range.patch
19 xen-hotplug.patch
20 xenoprof-generic.patch