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Raise an exception if an error appears on the pipes to our children, and make
sure that the child's pipes are closed even under that exception. Move the
handling of POLLHUP to the end of the loop, so that we guarantee to read any
remaining data from the child if POLLHUP and POLLIN appear at the same time.

Signed-off-by: Ewan Mellor <ewan@xensource.com>
author emellor@ewan
date Thu Oct 06 10:13:11 2005 +0100 (2005-10-06)
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1 Xen Control Tools - Examples
2 ===================================
4 This directory contains example scripts and configurations for Xen.
5 For many operations you will either be able to use these scripts directly, or
6 incorporate code from them into your own scripts.
8 If you write a useful script and would like to share it, please do
9 send it (preferably with a little summary to go in this file) to
10 <xen-devel@lists.sourceforge.net> so we can add it to this directory.
12 block-enbd - binds/unbinds network block devices
13 block-file - binds/unbinds file to loopback device
14 mem-map.sxp - memory map xend configuration file.
15 network - default network setup script called by xend at startup.
16 network-route - default xen network start/stop script.
17 network-nat - default xen network start/stop script when using NAT.
18 vif-bridge - default virtual network interface setup script.
19 vif-route - default xen virtual network start/stop script
20 vif-nat - configures vif in routed-nat mode.
21 xend-config.sxp - default xend configuration file.
22 xmexample1 - example configuration script for 'xm create'.
23 xmexample2 - a more complex configuration script for 'xm create'.
24 xmexample3 - an advanced configuration script for 'xm create'
25 that utilizes the vmid.
26 xmexample.vmx - a configuration script for creating a vmx domain with
27 'xm create'.