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# HG changeset patch
# User Rusty Russell <rusty@rustcorp.com.au>
# Node ID a92163adedcfcff0d05c965d09da747f3c8aa13e
# Parent 63ab20781afa311300f3a8e832744292014ea7f6

Remove ill-conceived concept of watches blocking reply on connection which did write/mkdir/rm/setperm etc.
This causes deadlocks in real life, and I can't see a sane way of avoiding them: it is reasonable for someone to ignore watch notifications while doing other actions, and that means that we can do other writes. These writes can block pending other watchers; if one of these is the process blocked awaiting our ack, we deadlock.

diff -r 63ab20781afa -r a92163adedcf tools/xenstore/xenstored_core.c
author cl349@firebug.cl.cam.ac.uk
date Tue Jul 26 13:11:01 2005 +0000 (2005-07-26)
parents ce4bb67cb308
children 7729efa06812
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1 42882b3e0dda89f3a8ec00da568f86e9b3c230f1 RELEASE-2.0.0
2 475a162b66e2c19b1e9468b234a4ba705334905e RELEASE-2.0.1
3 dc2f08429f17e6614fd2f1ab88cc09ca0a850f32 RELEASE-2.0.2
4 6e1bbc13911751efa0b1c018425c1b085820fa02 RELEASE-2.0.3
5 fb875591fd72e15c31879c0e9034d99b80225595 RELEASE-2.0.4
6 1a522944f76540ea9d73fcc1b0d13d0f670183f0 RELEASE-2.0.5
7 2a5814ad2e5634a5fa291b703a152e7fc0b4faf0 RELEASE-2.0.6
8 487b2ee37d1cecb5f3e7a546b05ad097a0226f2f beta1
9 6a65fe0f84c8339b5b89362d0ec34d8abab752b0 ia64-stable
10 3d330e41f41ce1bc118c02346e18949ad5d67f6b latest-semistable
11 30c521db4c71960b0cf1d9c9e1b658e77b535a3e latest-stable
12 9afec5bc14aeb197ef37ea54a57eacd427463fc3 semistable
13 30c521db4c71960b0cf1d9c9e1b658e77b535a3e split-1.0
14 3d330e41f41ce1bc118c02346e18949ad5d67f6b split-1.1