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[XEN] [TOOLS] 32on64 compat save/restore: unadjust L3E flags at save time
Get rid of USER|RW|ACCESSED L3 PTE flags which may be present
in a PAE guest when running on a 64bit hypervisor at save time.
This prevents the restore operation from getting confused by
these flags.
Reset disallowed L3E flags to match PAE case.

Signed-off-by: Emmanuel Ackaouy <ack@xensource.com>
author Emmanuel Ackaouy <ack@xensource.com>
date Fri Feb 23 12:58:20 2007 +0000 (2007-02-23)
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1 include $(XEN_ROOT)/config/StdGNU.mk
3 # You may use wildcards, e.g. KERNELS=*2.6*
4 KERNELS ?= linux-2.6-xen
6 XKERNELS := $(foreach kernel, $(KERNELS), \
7 $(patsubst buildconfigs/mk.%,%, \
8 $(wildcard buildconfigs/mk.$(kernel))) )