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[XEN][POWERPC] Create a Domain Foreign Map space
The following patch creates a Domain Foreign Map space that is uses to
map granted memory into the Linear Map of the domain. The Linear Map
of Linux is the is the Kernel Virtual address space where VA = PA +
- lots of grant_* interfaces work now
- mm.[ch] cleanups
- first pass at extracting Page Table operations from PAPR interfaces
- get_page_type() fix logic bug
- recognize a grant table mapping by placing its gmfn at the end of
real memory.
- grant table usually mapped like an IO page, so force WIMG bits I=0
- mfn_to_gmfn and pfn2mfn get WAY to complex, need get a simpler model in.
- communicate the Domain Foreign Map to domains using /xen/foreign-map
- make sure all bit definitions are UL where possible
- now that we actually assign Xen heap pages to domains they must be
Signed-off-by: Jimi Xenidis <jimix@watson.ibm.com>
Signed-off-by: Hollis Blanchard <hollisb@us.ibm.com>
author Jimi Xenidis <jimix@watson.ibm.com>
date Sun Oct 08 11:34:24 2006 -0400 (2006-10-08)
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1 xen-bugtool
2 ===========
4 The xen-bugtool command line application will collate the Xen dmesg output,
5 details of the hardware configuration of your machine, information about the
6 build of Xen that you are using, plus, if you allow it, various logs.
8 The information collated can either be posted to a Xen Bugzilla bug (this bug
9 must already exist in the system, and you must be a registered user there), or
10 it can be saved as a .tar.bz2 for sending or archiving.
12 The collated logs may contain private information, and if you are at all
13 worried about that, you should not use this tool, or you should explicitly
14 exclude those logs from the archive.
16 xen-bugtool is wholly interactive, so simply run it, and answer the questions.