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Cleaned up Xen's instruction emulator.
author kaf24@scramble.cl.cam.ac.uk
date Sun Jul 18 16:38:24 2004 +0000 (2004-07-18)
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line source
1 # arch/xen/Kconfig.drivers
3 menu "Device Drivers"
5 source "drivers/base/Kconfig"
7 #source "drivers/block/Kconfig"
9 source "net/Kconfig"
11 #source "drivers/input/Kconfig"
13 config INPUT
14 tristate "Input devices (needed for keyboard, mouse, ...)" if EMBEDDED
15 default y
16 ---help---
17 Say Y here if you have any input device (mouse, keyboard, tablet,
18 joystick, steering wheel ...) connected to your system and want
19 it to be available to applications. This includes standard PS/2
20 keyboard and mouse.
22 Say N here if you have a headless (no monitor, no keyboard) system.
24 More information is available: <file:Documentation/input/input.txt>
26 If unsure, say Y.
28 To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
29 module will be called input.
31 #source "drivers/char/Kconfig"
33 config UNIX98_PTYS
34 bool "Unix98 PTY support" if EMBEDDED
35 default y
36 ---help---
37 A pseudo terminal (PTY) is a software device consisting of two
38 halves: a master and a slave. The slave device behaves identical to
39 a physical terminal; the master device is used by a process to
40 read data from and write data to the slave, thereby emulating a
41 terminal. Typical programs for the master side are telnet servers
42 and xterms.
44 Linux has traditionally used the BSD-like names /dev/ptyxx for
45 masters and /dev/ttyxx for slaves of pseudo terminals. This scheme
46 has a number of problems. The GNU C library glibc 2.1 and later,
47 however, supports the Unix98 naming standard: in order to acquire a
48 pseudo terminal, a process opens /dev/ptmx; the number of the pseudo
49 terminal is then made available to the process and the pseudo
50 terminal slave can be accessed as /dev/pts/<number>. What was
51 traditionally /dev/ttyp2 will then be /dev/pts/2, for example.
53 All modern Linux systems use the Unix98 ptys. Say Y unless
54 you're on an embedded system and want to conserve memory.
57 #source "drivers/video/Kconfig"
59 #config XEN_EVTCHN
60 # bool "Xen Event Channel"
61 # depends on XEN
62 # default Y
63 #
64 #config XEN_CONSOLE
65 # bool "Xen Console"
66 # depends on XEN && XEN_EVTCHN
67 # default Y
68 # help
69 # Say Y to build a console driver for Xen.
71 endmenu