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New network-bridge script and associated gubbins.

This is Kurt Garloff's reworked network-bridge script:

* we got rid of ifconfig
* it works for netdev != eth0
* arp on and off are symmetric as are ifdown and ifup
* ifup will be passed the ifcfg config file name if needed
(the ifup may otherwise figure that the veth0 hardware is
NOT the same as the original ${netdev} and not use the same
config -- this happens on SUSE. Charles Coffing tracked this
one down.)

Plus Kurt's avoid-dash patch:

the network setup scripts on SUSE have trouble with the bridge
name xen-br0; they don't expect the '-'.
Arguably this should be fixed.
But I assume there's more scripts out there which may not like it,
so I suggest the following patch to rename xen-br0 to xenbr0.

Plus Charles Duffy's patch to support multiple bridges:

The attached patch allows the network-bridge script to be used to
generate multiple bridges corresponding to different physical
interfaces. It adds a new parameter, "vifnum", used to refer both to
the loopback interface to be used and to set defaults regarding the
physical interface and bridge name.

Thus, if one wishes to start xenbr0 on eth0 and xenbr1 on eth1, one
need only call:

network-bridge start ## vifnum is 0 by default
network-bridge start vifnum=1

...well, that and set loopback.nloopbacks=2 in the Dom0 kernel

Plus renaming of virtnum to vifnum in Charles' patch, as requested by Ian Pratt.

Plus a fix to DevController to allocate vif IDs starting from 0 (i.e. vif2.0
is now domain 2's first vif, as opposed to vif2.1 in the recent past).

Plus tidying up inside network-bridge using some helper variables.

Signed-off-by: Ewan Mellor <ewan@xensource.com>
author emellor@leeni.uk.xensource.com
date Wed Oct 19 16:24:54 2005 +0100 (2005-10-19)
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1 #
2 #
3 #
5 .PHONY: clean config install netbsd
7 TOPDIR ?= $(shell pwd)
8 NETBSD_RELEASE ?= $(patsubst netbsd-%-xen%,%,$(notdir $(TOPDIR)))
9 NETBSD_VER ?= $(patsubst netbsd-%-xen%,%,$(notdir $(TOPDIR)))
12 clean:
13 @mkdir -p compile/$(NETBSD_KERNEL)
14 cd compile/$(NETBSD_KERNEL) && TOPDIR=$(TOPDIR) NETBSD_VER=$(NETBSD_VER) ../../nbmake-xen cleandir
16 config:
17 @mkdir -p compile/$(NETBSD_KERNEL)
18 cd compile/$(NETBSD_KERNEL) && TOPDIR=$(TOPDIR) NETBSD_VER=$(NETBSD_VER) ../../nbconfig-xen $(NETBSD_KERNEL)
20 netbsd:
21 cd compile/$(NETBSD_KERNEL) && TOPDIR=$(TOPDIR) NETBSD_VER=$(NETBSD_VER) ../../nbmake-xen dependall
23 install:
24 @mkdir -p $(dir $(INSTALL_PATH)/$(INSTALL_NAME))
25 install -c compile/$(NETBSD_KERNEL)/netbsd $(INSTALL_PATH)/$(INSTALL_NAME)