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[IA64] set itv handoff as masked and enable reading irr[0-3]

Set initial vcpu itv handoff state to mask the timer vector.
This seems to match hardware and makes logical sense from a
spurious interrupt perspective. Enable vcpu_get_irr[0-3]
functions as they seem to work and have the proper backing.
This enables the check_sal_cache_flush() in arch/ia64/kernel.sal.c
to work unmodified, allowing us to remove the Xen changes from
the file (and thus the file from the sparse tree).

Signed-off-by: Alex Williamson <alex.williamson@hp.com>
author awilliam@xenbuild.aw
date Tue Apr 04 09:39:45 2006 -0600 (2006-04-04)
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line source
2 all: build
4 # Check this machine is OK for building on.
5 build:
6 ./chk build
8 # Check this machine is OK for installing on.
9 # DO NOT use this check from 'make install' in the parent
10 # directory, as that target can be used to make an installable
11 # copy rather than actually installing.
12 install:
13 ./chk install
15 clean:
16 ./chk clean