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Change uses of \s within sed regexps -- some versions of sed do not support this

Allow the vif-nat and vif-route scripts to have netdev specified, rather than
hard-coding eth0.

Signed-off-by: Ewan Mellor <ewan@xensource.com>
author emellor@leeni.uk.xensource.com
date Mon Nov 28 11:05:07 2005 +0000 (2005-11-28)
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emellor@7962 1 Command Incompatibilities
emellor@7962 2 =========================
emellor@7962 3
emellor@7962 4 Known incompatibilities with various commands on various distributions, and
emellor@7962 5 the workarounds we use.
emellor@7962 6
emellor@7962 7
emellor@7962 8 brctl
emellor@7962 9 -----
emellor@7962 10
emellor@7962 11 brctl show <bridge> fails on SLES9 SP2. Workaround is to use brctl show
emellor@7962 12 without arguments, and grep, though this would be difficult were you to need
emellor@7962 13 to check for a specific bridge-interface pair, since brctl does not show the
emellor@7962 14 bridge name on every line.
emellor@7962 15
emellor@7962 16
emellor@7962 17 ifup / ifdown
emellor@7962 18 -------------
emellor@7962 19
emellor@7962 20 SuSE requires an extra parameter to ifup, which is created by calling getcfg
emellor@7962 21 appropriately. See xen-network-common.sh for details.
emellor@7962 22
emellor@7962 23 Gentoo doesn't have ifup/ifdown; appropriate alternatives are defined in
emellor@7962 24 xen-network-common.sh.
emellor@7962 25
emellor@8090 26
emellor@8090 27 sed
emellor@8090 28 ---
emellor@8090 29
emellor@8090 30 \s is not supported in regexps on Debian etch (sed 4.1.2), Ubuntu 4.10. We
emellor@8090 31 hand-craft character classes instead.