annotate tools/ioemu/aes.h @ 7238:971e7c7411b3

Raise an exception if an error appears on the pipes to our children, and make
sure that the child's pipes are closed even under that exception. Move the
handling of POLLHUP to the end of the loop, so that we guarantee to read any
remaining data from the child if POLLHUP and POLLIN appear at the same time.

Signed-off-by: Ewan Mellor <ewan@xensource.com>
author emellor@ewan
date Thu Oct 06 10:13:11 2005 +0100 (2005-10-06)
parents 3c759ba83f7c
rev   line source
arun@5611 1 #ifndef QEMU_AES_H
arun@5611 2 #define QEMU_AES_H
arun@5611 3
arun@5611 4 #define AES_MAXNR 14
arun@5611 5 #define AES_BLOCK_SIZE 16
arun@5611 6
arun@5611 7 struct aes_key_st {
arun@5611 8 uint32_t rd_key[4 *(AES_MAXNR + 1)];
arun@5611 9 int rounds;
arun@5611 10 };
arun@5611 11 typedef struct aes_key_st AES_KEY;
arun@5611 12
arun@5611 13 int AES_set_encrypt_key(const unsigned char *userKey, const int bits,
arun@5611 14 AES_KEY *key);
arun@5611 15 int AES_set_decrypt_key(const unsigned char *userKey, const int bits,
arun@5611 16 AES_KEY *key);
arun@5611 17
arun@5611 18 void AES_encrypt(const unsigned char *in, unsigned char *out,
arun@5611 19 const AES_KEY *key);
arun@5611 20 void AES_decrypt(const unsigned char *in, unsigned char *out,
arun@5611 21 const AES_KEY *key);
arun@5611 22 void AES_cbc_encrypt(const unsigned char *in, unsigned char *out,
arun@5611 23 const unsigned long length, const AES_KEY *key,
arun@5611 24 unsigned char *ivec, const int enc);
arun@5611 25
arun@5611 26 #endif