age author revision description
2007-09-06 Alex Williamson 197:e1466633683c [IA64] Foreign p2m: linux side
2007-09-06 Alex Williamson 196:d796a96253a2 merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg (staging)
2007-08-31 kfraser 195:f30b59f550c2 xen: Use unlocked_ioctl in evtchn, gntdev and privcmd drivers to avoid
2007-08-30 kfraser 194:720571c2139e netfront: Add kref support for legacy Linux kernels.
2007-08-28 kfraser 193:7419a3be8273 Remove xencomm page size limit.
2007-09-06 Alex Williamson 192:438379d47b24 [IA64] Move vfree() out of irq disabled code.
2007-08-28 Alex Williamson 191:df2d73ab847a [IA64] Add vmalloc failure test
2007-08-28 Alex Williamson 190:72f2e9c1302d [IA64] Avoid allocating memory in interrupt context
2007-08-23 Alex Williamson 189:057b47cada5c [IA64] Fix __ioremap() paravirtualization.
2007-08-22 Alex Williamson 188:ec6f71d1b335 [IA64] Work around for xencomm memory reservation op.
2007-08-16 Alex Williamson 187:b5fdf02c38f4 [IA64] Linux xencomm consolidation
2007-08-16 Alex Williamson 186:60d8f0befd18 merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg
2007-08-14 kfraser 185:05c22f282023 [xencomm] introduce opaque type struct xencomm_handle* for xencommized
2007-08-14 kfraser 184:98c2205a7455 [linux, xencomm] Various fixes common xencomm.c for ia64 xencomm consolidation
2007-08-13 kfraser 183:5027cbb9e3eb [LINUX] drivers: Add missing includes
2007-08-13 kfraser 182:4b6ffd020eb2 [LINUX] hypercall: Handle hypcercall_stub as a macro
2007-08-13 kfraser 181:d423292c407d [LINUX] netfront: Cleanup and fix TSO/GSO/CHECKSUM conditionals
2007-08-13 kfraser 180:877c2e42a701 net front: Avoid deref'ing skb after it is potentially freed.
2007-08-09 kfraser 179:d2f9b7e36231 xen: Remove unused "cpu_set_initialized"
2007-08-09 kfraser 178:fbfa306ab465 Suppress all use of ISA DMA on Xen.
2007-08-12 Alex Williamson 177:41b7a0d7c2ad [IA64] Default to xvc console
2007-08-12 Alex Williamson 176:8dd0c593a5a2 merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg
2007-08-07 kfraser 175:840b9df48b6a xen: Two comment fixes.
2007-08-07 kfraser 174:12c399692d44 xencons: Default to xvc0. 'xencons=tty' gets old domU behaviour.
2007-08-12 Alex Williamson 173:26a45a66dede [IA64] vga_con doesn't exist without CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE
2007-08-01 Alex Williamson 172:dd415303b25f merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg
2007-08-01 kfraser 171:8d5ae51a09a6 [NET] netloop: Do not clobber cloned skb page frags
2007-08-01 kfraser 170:1372bc676080 blktap: Remove broken debug code.
2007-07-31 Ian Campbell 169:09c88868e344 Wait for up to 5 minutes for devices to connect.
2007-07-28 Keir Fraser 168:49a0d5931430 Config ACPI_PV_SLEEP depends on ACPI_SLEEP.
2007-07-27 Ian Campbell 167:667228bf8fc5 BLKFRONT: Make sure we don't use bounce buffers, we don't need them.
2007-08-01 Alex Williamson 166:59582461a590 [IA64] Introduce xen specific gate page.
2007-08-01 Alex Williamson 165:1c675d3a2a22 [IA64] Preparation patch for xen specivic gate page
2007-08-01 Alex Williamson 164:a1682dc021bc [IA64] Set rr0 to rr4 hyperprivop
2007-07-30 Alex Williamson 163:6e0d898e9dad [IA64] Update buildconfigs
2007-07-30 Alex Williamson 162:0f9032c33df4 [IA64] Fix xen_ssm_i()
2007-07-30 Alex Williamson 161:e92816da2076 [IA64] Mark resource list functions __devinit
2007-07-30 Alex Williamson 160:8f0c93df3e11 [IA64] Issue ioremap hypercall in pci_acpi_scan_root()
2007-07-30 Alex Williamson 159:f017328288ea [IA64] Disable paravirtualization to remap /dev/mem.
2007-07-30 Alex Williamson 158:6d84769b5256 [IA64] Revert paravirtualization to ioremap /proc/pci
2007-07-27 Alex Williamson 157:b0bf9ba32bfe merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg
2007-07-26 kfraser 156:88a17da7f336 xenbus: Allow to build with old kernels (pre-2.6.6).
2007-07-25 kfraser 155:726cd201f4cd xenbus: Improvements to wait_for_devices().
2007-07-24 kfraser 154:3b0bce92b2f2 xenbus: Fix obvious use-after-free spotted by Coverity checker.
2007-07-24 kfraser 153:d88e59a7334a xenbus: Wait for 30s for devices to connect (previously 10s).
2007-07-19 kfraser 152:c68699484a65 Enable ACPI sleep in XenLinux
2007-07-19 kfraser 151:ff0ef25ec204 [Xen PM] Create -xen version for necessary arch files
2007-07-17 kfraser 150:5e294e29a43e Xen frontend driver module autoloading.
2007-07-17 kfraser 149:3ce2b9fc4900 Merge with PPC Xen tree.
2007-07-13 Hollis Blanchard 148:14c48f11619e [POWERPC][XEN][LINUX] Enable performance monitoring.
2007-07-13 Hollis Blanchard 147:696817986e68 [XEN][LINUX][POWERPC] Implement xencomm translation for ACM hypercalls.
2007-07-16 Ian Campbell 146:41918416db51 [NETFRONT] Implement netif_release_rx_bufs for the copying case.
2007-07-14 Keir Fraser 145:34ebf92ad28d xen/i386: Fix vmalloc_sync_all() for PAE.
2007-07-13 kfraser 144:9debaf360905 Remove unusued xen_xlate_dev_mem_* macros.
2007-07-13 kfraser 143:cc33c63a5afe Revert xen-unstable 12513 (changes to xen devmem for ia64).
2007-07-13 kfraser 142:e9dea8b7fde7 blktap: Fix page reference count/file rss count leak when auto-translate is enabled.
2007-07-13 kfraser 141:2ecb16be42b4 xen: remove unnecessary inclusion of kthread.h
2007-07-13 kfraser 140:3baca673faeb xen: move swiotlb.c to lib/swiotlb-xen.c
2007-07-13 kfraser 139:50477b1b3016 linux: adjust make logic for -xen files.
2007-07-12 kfraser 138:670f8d5305d2 Fix PV-on-HVM driver build.