age author revision description
2007-09-18 kfraser 215:c1f5d027adf7 linux/x86: match native behavior of 'make install'
2007-09-18 kfraser 214:8bf8b3d201a9 Support ICH9 chipset.
2007-09-18 kfraser 213:c8992c4b7a1c xenbus: Print more comprehensive info about unconnected devices during boot.
2007-09-21 Alex Williamson 212:351a9d2f7dd4 [IA64] Linux support for debug_op hypercall
2007-09-17 Alex Williamson 211:15d0677bf2b5 [IA64] Enable CONFIG_DM_SNAPSHOT=y in defconfig
2007-09-12 Alex Williamson 210:c80b20789f97 [IA64] Minor fix of xcom_hcall.c for pv-on-hvm.
2007-09-11 Alex Williamson 209:d650f254d544 [IA64] Fix build when CONFIG_XEN_IA64_EXPOSE_P2M is not set
2007-09-11 Christian Limpach 208:d2bd9af846b5 Add the CDROM_GET_CAPABILITY ioctl to blkfront.
2007-09-10 Alex Williamson 207:099625b07ae7 merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg (staging)
2007-09-10 kfraser 206:42d2c2ce9b14 Fix evtchn rebind.
2007-09-10 kfraser 205:81a8206f58c7 DomU should scan all PCI fns.
2007-09-08 kfraser 204:52f308b17bae xencons: Remove xencons_early_setup() and do not clear use_vt_console.
2007-09-07 Alex Williamson 203:8aa8af371be0 merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg (staging)
2007-09-07 kfraser 202:2a214d4ef5b1 Fix one dead loop case in host S3
2007-09-07 kfraser 201:8d1af6acf740 Bind different tasks' evtchns to different vcpus of Dom0