age author revision description
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser 361:9d7607f23070 xen: make gntdev code configurable
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser 360:05c57da2fcff xen: secondary CPU handling adjustments
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser 359:7b2735c64dca xen: add __exit to module_exit() handlers
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser 358:869bfd143693 gntdev: gntdev_fops struct should be const.
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser 357:ca1dd3c0daa9 Only x86 does not refcount VM_FOREIGN ptes.
2007-12-11 Alex Williamson 356:e3e6f40354eb [IA64] Fix CONFIG_XEN=no for gate page
2007-12-10 Ian Campbell 355:b865b15fb54b Setup memory zones in the same way as native instead of putting all
2007-12-10 Keir Fraser 354:c3ff0b26f664 Decode mouse event packet dz value and passes it as a wheel event into
2007-12-10 Keir Fraser 353:7232a025140f Sync public i/o header files with Xen.
2007-12-10 Keir Fraser 352:cf9bc1ff6cde fix native build after c/s 338
2007-12-07 Keir Fraser 351:69d413abd6c0 Revert 341:424f7b772301d501af6952507b2731e4b8c6da0a
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 350:3938ff4b3fc2 linux/x86: Use cpu_relax() rather than barrier() in smp_call_function()
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 349:d43906ea0e9c linux/x86: fix initial GDT setup
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 348:a235a50c9f1e linux/x86-64: Reduce delta to native setup code
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 347:582b6839f60a linux/x86: Reduce delta to native IO-APIC code.
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 346:95256f8bb7ca linux/x86: dma_map_sg(): BUG_ON() before use
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 345:2151287a5eb9 linux/x86: Remove more dead code
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 344:53d5db770cd3 linux/i386: Use symbolic constants in dump_fault_path()
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 343:21a40e77044b linux: kconfig adjustment
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 342:cc9a5c793b53 linux/x86: Modify CPPFLAGS just in a single place.
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 341:424f7b772301 xenbus: Remove dead code.
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 340:69bb553015ce xen smpboot: Fix a merge oversight.
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 339:f54c5dca67f7 r8169: Upgrade driver to recognise more modern 8169-based chipsets.
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 338:150aa19b1bb1 Changed vm_normal_page to return NULL when presented with a VMA marked
2007-12-05 Keir Fraser 337:4108b5c64f86 netfront accel: spinlock flags are 'unsigned long'.
2007-12-04 Keir Fraser 336:ba918cb2cf75 [cpufreq] Correctly calculate load
2007-12-04 Keir Fraser 335:705f3bfc7c2d Remove CONFIG_INPUT_EVBUG from xen_x86_32 config.
2007-12-04 Keir Fraser 334:8912f55d52c1 Merge with ia64.
2007-12-04 Keir Fraser 333:922fc4040264 [powernow] Fix Linux headers for architectural pstate driver
2007-12-04 Keir Fraser 332:23b84b4c5efc linux/i386: remove include/asm-i386/mach-xen/asm/param.h
2007-12-04 Keir Fraser 331:f19522c04323 Fix access to xenstore hangs after hot-remove CPU.
2007-12-03 Ian Campbell 330:b2768401db94 Make last processed event channel a per-cpu variable.
2007-11-30 Ian Campbell 329:7fe1c6d02a2b Process event channels notifications in round-robin order.
2007-11-29 Alex Williamson 328:9bb76e0b347e [IA64] Sync arch-ia64.h for guest_os_type changes
2007-11-29 Alex Williamson 327:c1868857bcfc [IA64] xencomm support for XEN_DOMCTL_set_opt_feature
2007-11-29 Alex Williamson 326:5f7aca53aa56 [IA64] Sync domctl.h for XEN_DOMCTL_set_opt_feature
2007-11-28 Alex Williamson 325:491e8adf5c92 [IA64] Sync arch-ia64.h
2007-11-26 Alex Williamson 324:c108ebc7d340 [IA64] Extract debug_op.h from arch-ia64.h
2007-11-23 Keir Fraser 323:fd879c0688bf Netfront accelerator bug fix
2007-11-22 Keir Fraser 322:a9f723af5e18 linux/x86: don't build cstate.o and wakeup.o
2007-11-22 Keir Fraser 321:f3289de500c3 linux/x86: Remove useless wrappers
2007-11-22 Keir Fraser 320:fac1d2462ab4 linux/i386: Use normal set_pmd() in vmalloc_sync_one() on modern Xen
2007-11-22 Keir Fraser 319:f790103dfd64 netback: remove an unused variable
2007-11-22 Keir Fraser 318:596ae77a11de linux/x86-64: Remove dead code.
2007-11-22 Keir Fraser 317:2d5d399f04f7 Fix arch/i386/power/Makefile.
2007-11-21 Alex Williamson 316:dea67c1a8efa merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg (staging)
2007-11-21 Keir Fraser 315:51b2b0d0921c On pirq enable/disable we fully unregister/reregister with Xen. This
2007-11-20 Alex Williamson 314:55705fbc4b0e merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg (staging)
2007-11-20 Keir Fraser 313:037c44559e55 Clean up gnttab interface and allow to grant iomem page access with
2007-11-20 Alex Williamson 312:4576e10034d6 [IA64] Sync public headers
2007-11-16 Keir Fraser 311:ca05cf1a9bdc pvfb: PVFB frontend can send bogus screen updates
2007-11-10 Keir Fraser 310:fced90d566f1 cpufreq: Fix the ondemand driver for Xen. No 64-bit division allowed
2007-11-08 Keir Fraser 309:cf8b6cafa2f0 blkback: Sanity-check nr_segments parameter.
2007-11-07 Alex Williamson 308:f539cd7c9331 [IA64] Sync arch-ia64.h with Xen
2007-11-06 Alex Williamson 307:6db518f1a141 [IA64] Re-add parens lost when paravirtualized
2007-11-05 Keir Fraser 306:5a6837bc5808 netback accel: locking bug fix
2007-11-05 Keir Fraser 305:a37a8c474d8b cpufreq: Linux support for the architectural pstate driver
2007-11-05 Keir Fraser 304:98de2b149423 cpufreq: minor clean-ups for ondemand governor on Xen.
2007-11-01 Alex Williamson 303:d827dfc6593e merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg (staging)
2007-11-01 Keir Fraser 302:7df27803297a PV-on-HVM: xencomm - compilation fix for old Linux kernels.