age author revision description
2007-10-31 Keir Fraser 300:6c81f3879f3d netfront: arp code needs CONFIG_INET.
2007-10-31 Keir Fraser 299:ba69bacc7e8a Add boot parameter 'pci-mem-align' to page-align PCI memory regions.
2007-10-30 Alex Williamson 298:b4ace76fb245 [IA64] Ignore XEN_DOMCTL_pin_mem_cacheattr
2007-10-30 Alex Williamson 297:bac78e892e42 merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg (staging)
2007-10-30 Keir Fraser 296:71a5313e13f5 netfront accel: Bump NETFRONT_ACCEL_VERSION due to API changes
2007-10-30 Keir Fraser 295:1e34e96bc3ec netfront accel: simplify locking
2007-10-30 Keir Fraser 294:c807b5387fbb netfront accel: cleanup accelerators list on netfront unload
2007-10-30 Keir Fraser 293:d85cb3fd1011 netfront accel: rename check_busy acceleration callback to check_ready
2007-10-30 Keir Fraser 292:7ab0c1e671a2 netfront accel: Ensure hooks set if accelerator loads before first
2007-10-30 Keir Fraser 291:f7559e350be8 netfront accel: Remove backend changed accelerator hook
2007-10-30 Keir Fraser 290:1a3ef8bc7aed netfront accel: Use remove and probe hooks rather than extra suspend
2007-10-30 Keir Fraser 289:b2847e520a21 netfront accel: Get network stats from accelerator plugin
2007-10-29 Keir Fraser 288:7aaec9c0a213 cpufreq: Xen support for the ondemand governor in Linux dom0
2007-10-29 Keir Fraser 287:e9cb774f0bd9 Sync Xen public headers.
2007-10-26 Keir Fraser 286:3e795ec97e71 Make xenstore notifier blocking rather than atomic.