age author revision description
2007-11-21 Keir Fraser 315:51b2b0d0921c On pirq enable/disable we fully unregister/reregister with Xen. This
2007-11-20 Alex Williamson 314:55705fbc4b0e merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg (staging)
2007-11-20 Keir Fraser 313:037c44559e55 Clean up gnttab interface and allow to grant iomem page access with
2007-11-20 Alex Williamson 312:4576e10034d6 [IA64] Sync public headers
2007-11-16 Keir Fraser 311:ca05cf1a9bdc pvfb: PVFB frontend can send bogus screen updates
2007-11-10 Keir Fraser 310:fced90d566f1 cpufreq: Fix the ondemand driver for Xen. No 64-bit division allowed
2007-11-08 Keir Fraser 309:cf8b6cafa2f0 blkback: Sanity-check nr_segments parameter.
2007-11-07 Alex Williamson 308:f539cd7c9331 [IA64] Sync arch-ia64.h with Xen
2007-11-06 Alex Williamson 307:6db518f1a141 [IA64] Re-add parens lost when paravirtualized
2007-11-05 Keir Fraser 306:5a6837bc5808 netback accel: locking bug fix
2007-11-05 Keir Fraser 305:a37a8c474d8b cpufreq: Linux support for the architectural pstate driver
2007-11-05 Keir Fraser 304:98de2b149423 cpufreq: minor clean-ups for ondemand governor on Xen.
2007-11-01 Alex Williamson 303:d827dfc6593e merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg (staging)
2007-11-01 Keir Fraser 302:7df27803297a PV-on-HVM: xencomm - compilation fix for old Linux kernels.
2007-10-31 Ian Campbell 301:d430336c1acb Quieten down messages about blkfront barriers being enabled/disabled.