age author revision description
2008-01-22 Keir Fraser 394:17a1a39df565 xen: check hypercall return status
2008-01-21 Keir Fraser 393:7070d34f251c blkback/blktap: Check for kthread_should_stop() in inner loop,
2008-01-18 Alex Williamson 392:71a415f9179b [IA64] Coding style fix
2008-01-18 Keir Fraser 391:77f831cbb91d blkback: Request-processing loop is unbounded and hence requires a
2008-01-18 Keir Fraser 390:4b09218e65b8 linux/x86: make hypercall wrapper functions' arguments unsigned where possible
2008-01-18 Keir Fraser 389:1468ebbc3c5d linux/x86: clean up hypercall headers
2008-01-18 Keir Fraser 388:bc3e5b96d4f4 linux/x86: convert 'cpu' (and a few other) variables to unsigned
2008-01-18 Keir Fraser 387:1207f7f198c3 linux: prevent non-Xen modules from loading in Xen kernel
2008-01-18 Keir Fraser 386:577f5e925da3 xen: do_set_trap_table()'s argument can be const
2008-01-18 Keir Fraser 385:dfb227e56a72 xen: Constify pointer argument of HYPERVISOR_callback_op
2008-01-18 Keir Fraser 384:84cf06c69c78 Sync with Xen public headers.
2008-01-18 Keir Fraser 383:2217bb27c70a linux: another little bit of Kconfig cleanup
2008-01-18 Keir Fraser 382:47916bd012c6 Support pselect/ppoll in ia32entry-xen.S.
2008-01-17 Keir Fraser 381:c6e00c01ae69 netback: On transition to XenbusStateClosing we should release
2008-01-16 Keir Fraser 380:414030b3a3fd x86: Check for XENFEAT_mmu_pt_update_preserve_ad before attempting to
2008-01-15 Keir Fraser 379:854690f06ed9 Sync Xen public headers.
2008-01-15 Keir Fraser 378:5f64a1735b3c xen, x86: Allow mprotect() pte updates to be batched using new Xen
2008-01-14 Ian Campbell 377:e8b49cfbdac0 Avoid allocations causing swap activity on the resume path by allowing
2008-01-09 Keir Fraser 376:353802ec1caf x86_64: Add ppoll/pselect syscalls (from upstream Linux)
2008-01-09 Keir Fraser 375:748cd890ea7f x86_64: Add TIF_RESTORE_SIGMASK (from upstream Linux)
2008-01-08 Keir Fraser 374:fedc10fba9f1 xen vtpm: Initialize the comms ring with zeroes.
2007-12-30 Alex Williamson 373:a5204f1a316f [IA64] Sync arch-ia64.h
2007-12-20 Keir Fraser 372:61c96456a3e1 netfront accel: Over-eager locking meant kmalloc at GFP_KERNEL with irqs disabled
2007-12-20 Keir Fraser 371:06b826b4f71e Fix UP unprivileged x86/64 build.
2007-12-19 Keir Fraser 370:41e34ec8d249 net accel: Allow network accelerators to deal with hot-plug/unplug on
2007-12-17 Alex Williamson 369:7db9c653b4f9 [IA64] Update buildconfigs: include IP_PNP & ROOT_NFS
2007-12-17 Alex Williamson 368:76c09a3354a8 [IA64] barrier in xen_rsm_i
2007-12-14 Keir Fraser 367:fc406f9e9a0a cpufreq: add bounds checking to cpufreq_stats.c from upstream
2007-12-14 Keir Fraser 366:2e33f7c0f18a xen: fix defconfigs after making gntdev configurable.
2007-12-12 Alex Williamson 365:4344d531875b [IA64] Update build configs and fix xenU build
2007-12-12 Alex Williamson 364:412fe6438399 merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg (staging)
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser 363:cd744c5ec950 xen: more secondary CPU handling function attributes.
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser 362:3ea2b75b45c5 xen: consolidate drivers/xen/Kconfig
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser 361:9d7607f23070 xen: make gntdev code configurable
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser 360:05c57da2fcff xen: secondary CPU handling adjustments
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser 359:7b2735c64dca xen: add __exit to module_exit() handlers
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser 358:869bfd143693 gntdev: gntdev_fops struct should be const.
2007-12-12 Keir Fraser 357:ca1dd3c0daa9 Only x86 does not refcount VM_FOREIGN ptes.
2007-12-11 Alex Williamson 356:e3e6f40354eb [IA64] Fix CONFIG_XEN=no for gate page
2007-12-10 Ian Campbell 355:b865b15fb54b Setup memory zones in the same way as native instead of putting all
2007-12-10 Keir Fraser 354:c3ff0b26f664 Decode mouse event packet dz value and passes it as a wheel event into
2007-12-10 Keir Fraser 353:7232a025140f Sync public i/o header files with Xen.
2007-12-10 Keir Fraser 352:cf9bc1ff6cde fix native build after c/s 338
2007-12-07 Keir Fraser 351:69d413abd6c0 Revert 341:424f7b772301d501af6952507b2731e4b8c6da0a
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 350:3938ff4b3fc2 linux/x86: Use cpu_relax() rather than barrier() in smp_call_function()
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 349:d43906ea0e9c linux/x86: fix initial GDT setup
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 348:a235a50c9f1e linux/x86-64: Reduce delta to native setup code
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 347:582b6839f60a linux/x86: Reduce delta to native IO-APIC code.
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 346:95256f8bb7ca linux/x86: dma_map_sg(): BUG_ON() before use
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 345:2151287a5eb9 linux/x86: Remove more dead code
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 344:53d5db770cd3 linux/i386: Use symbolic constants in dump_fault_path()
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 343:21a40e77044b linux: kconfig adjustment
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 342:cc9a5c793b53 linux/x86: Modify CPPFLAGS just in a single place.
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 341:424f7b772301 xenbus: Remove dead code.
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 340:69bb553015ce xen smpboot: Fix a merge oversight.
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 339:f54c5dca67f7 r8169: Upgrade driver to recognise more modern 8169-based chipsets.
2007-12-06 Keir Fraser 338:150aa19b1bb1 Changed vm_normal_page to return NULL when presented with a VMA marked
2007-12-05 Keir Fraser 337:4108b5c64f86 netfront accel: spinlock flags are 'unsigned long'.
2007-12-04 Keir Fraser 336:ba918cb2cf75 [cpufreq] Correctly calculate load
2007-12-04 Keir Fraser 335:705f3bfc7c2d Remove CONFIG_INPUT_EVBUG from xen_x86_32 config.