age author revision description
2007-06-12 Alex Williamson 45:02504657d9fc [IA64] Add dummy HYPERVISOR_mmu_update to compile gnttab.c
2007-06-12 Alex Williamson 44:50306c166500 [IA64] Define paddr_t.
2007-06-11 Alex Williamson 43:245902ee7ce0 [IA64] Pull in changes from xen-ia64 tree
2007-06-11 kfraser 42:c09686d2bbff Kernel threads need to be aware of freeze request, by checking in
2007-06-11 kfraser 41:07a5f92187ac Make dma address conversion logic of gnttab dma arch specific.
2007-06-10 Keir Fraser 40:d5e0eb7dd069 Sync Xen public interface headers.
2007-06-10 Keir Fraser 39:85bad90d00a1 Sync xen interface headers.
2007-06-08 Steven Hand 38:b5d7eec2c8bd Update vmx_assist.h to match xen changes.
2007-06-07 kfraser 37:b16f5eac5559 Sync Xen public headers,
2007-06-07 kfraser 36:56b6e11f15fe Add backtrace support to xenoprof.
2007-06-07 kfraser 35:85b046c1da18 Linux blkback: Resolve symbol collision with blktap.
2007-06-07 kfraser 34:0301c1fd8c0d Linux blktap: Modify sysfs name for blktap stats to match blkback.
2007-06-07 kfraser 33:a395e58bd234 [LINUX] gnttab: Fix copy_grant_page race with seqlock
2007-06-06 kfraser 32:dd861cfb5d1a PV-on-HVM: Allow unmodified drivers to build under 64 bits on < 2.6.11.
2007-06-05 kfraser 31:396dfc842377 blktap: Small fix to the blktap clear pte hook.