log drivers/pci/Makefile

age author description
2009-05-28 Keir Fraser PCI pass through: PCIe IO space multiplexing
2009-04-09 Keir Fraser dom0 linux: support SBDF with "guestdev=" and remove "reassigndev="
2009-03-18 Keir Fraser PCI: initialize and release SR-IOV capability
2009-01-05 Keir Fraser Add "guestdev=" boot parameter.
2008-10-14 Keir Fraser xen: conditionalize PCI reassign code by a config option, selected
2008-10-09 Keir Fraser xen/dom0: Reassign memory resources to device for pci passthrough.
2007-04-11 Ian Campbell Import 2.6.18 from kernel.org tarball.v2.6.18