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linux/blktap2: reduce TLB flush scope

c/s 885 added very coarse TLB flushing. Since these flushes always
follow single page updates, single page flushes (when available) are

Signed-off-by: Jan Beulich <jbeulich@novell.com>
author Keir Fraser <keir.fraser@citrix.com>
date Thu Jun 04 10:32:57 2009 +0100 (2009-06-04)
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1 #
2 # SPI driver configuration
3 #
4 # NOTE: the reason this doesn't show SPI slave support is mostly that
5 # nobody's needed a slave side API yet. The master-role API is not
6 # fully appropriate there, so it'd need some thought to do well.
7 #
8 menu "SPI support"
10 config SPI
11 bool "SPI support"
12 help
13 The "Serial Peripheral Interface" is a low level synchronous
14 protocol. Chips that support SPI can have data transfer rates
15 up to several tens of Mbit/sec. Chips are addressed with a
16 controller and a chipselect. Most SPI slaves don't support
17 dynamic device discovery; some are even write-only or read-only.
19 SPI is widely used by microcontollers to talk with sensors,
20 eeprom and flash memory, codecs and various other controller
21 chips, analog to digital (and d-to-a) converters, and more.
22 MMC and SD cards can be accessed using SPI protocol; and for
23 DataFlash cards used in MMC sockets, SPI must always be used.
25 SPI is one of a family of similar protocols using a four wire
26 interface (select, clock, data in, data out) including Microwire
27 (half duplex), SSP, SSI, and PSP. This driver framework should
28 work with most such devices and controllers.
30 config SPI_DEBUG
31 boolean "Debug support for SPI drivers"
32 depends on SPI && DEBUG_KERNEL
33 help
34 Say "yes" to enable debug messaging (like dev_dbg and pr_debug),
35 sysfs, and debugfs support in SPI controller and protocol drivers.
37 #
38 # MASTER side ... talking to discrete SPI slave chips including microcontrollers
39 #
41 config SPI_MASTER
42 # boolean "SPI Master Support"
43 boolean
44 default SPI
45 help
46 If your system has an master-capable SPI controller (which
47 provides the clock and chipselect), you can enable that
48 controller and the protocol drivers for the SPI slave chips
49 that are connected.
51 comment "SPI Master Controller Drivers"
52 depends on SPI_MASTER
54 config SPI_BITBANG
55 tristate "Bitbanging SPI master"
57 help
58 With a few GPIO pins, your system can bitbang the SPI protocol.
59 Select this to get SPI support through I/O pins (GPIO, parallel
60 port, etc). Or, some systems' SPI master controller drivers use
61 this code to manage the per-word or per-transfer accesses to the
62 hardware shift registers.
64 This is library code, and is automatically selected by drivers that
65 need it. You only need to select this explicitly to support driver
66 modules that aren't part of this kernel tree.
69 tristate "Parallel port adapter for AVR Butterfly (DEVELOPMENT)"
71 select SPI_BITBANG
72 help
73 This uses a custom parallel port cable to connect to an AVR
74 Butterfly <http://www.atmel.com/products/avr/butterfly>, an
75 inexpensive battery powered microcontroller evaluation board.
76 This same cable can be used to flash new firmware.
78 config SPI_MPC83xx
79 tristate "Freescale MPC83xx SPI controller"
80 depends on SPI_MASTER && PPC_83xx && EXPERIMENTAL
81 select SPI_BITBANG
82 help
83 This enables using the Freescale MPC83xx SPI controller in master
84 mode.
86 Note, this driver uniquely supports the SPI controller on the MPC83xx
87 family of PowerPC processors. The MPC83xx uses a simple set of shift
88 registers for data (opposed to the CPM based descriptor model).
90 config SPI_PXA2XX
91 tristate "PXA2xx SSP SPI master"
93 help
94 This enables using a PXA2xx SSP port as a SPI master controller.
95 The driver can be configured to use any SSP port and additional
96 documentation can be found a Documentation/spi/pxa2xx.
98 config SPI_S3C24XX_GPIO
99 tristate "Samsung S3C24XX series SPI by GPIO"
101 help
102 SPI driver for Samsung S3C24XX series ARM SoCs using
103 GPIO lines to provide the SPI bus. This can be used where
104 the inbuilt hardware cannot provide the transfer mode, or
105 where the board is using non hardware connected pins.
106 #
107 # Add new SPI master controllers in alphabetical order above this line
108 #
111 config SPI_S3C24XX
112 tristate "Samsung S3C24XX series SPI"
113 depends on SPI_MASTER && ARCH_S3C2410 && EXPERIMENTAL
114 help
115 SPI driver for Samsung S3C24XX series ARM SoCs
117 #
118 # There are lots of SPI device types, with sensors and memory
119 # being probably the most widely used ones.
120 #
121 comment "SPI Protocol Masters"
122 depends on SPI_MASTER
125 #
126 # Add new SPI protocol masters in alphabetical order above this line
127 #
130 # (slave support would go here)
132 endmenu # "SPI support"