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linux/blktap2: reduce TLB flush scope

c/s 885 added very coarse TLB flushing. Since these flushes always
follow single page updates, single page flushes (when available) are

Signed-off-by: Jan Beulich <jbeulich@novell.com>
author Keir Fraser <keir.fraser@citrix.com>
date Thu Jun 04 10:32:57 2009 +0100 (2009-06-04)
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1 #
2 # linux/drivers/mtd/onenand/Kconfig
3 #
5 menu "OneNAND Flash Device Drivers"
6 depends on MTD != n
8 config MTD_ONENAND
9 tristate "OneNAND Device Support"
10 depends on MTD
11 help
12 This enables support for accessing all type of OneNAND flash
13 devices. For further information see
14 <http://www.samsung.com/Products/Semiconductor/Flash/OneNAND_TM/index.htm>.
17 bool "Verify OneNAND page writes"
18 depends on MTD_ONENAND
19 help
20 This adds an extra check when data is written to the flash. The
21 OneNAND flash device internally checks only bits transitioning
22 from 1 to 0. There is a rare possibility that even though the
23 device thinks the write was successful, a bit could have been
24 flipped accidentaly due to device wear or something else.
27 tristate "OneNAND Flash device via platform device driver"
28 depends on MTD_ONENAND && ARM
29 help
30 Support for OneNAND flash via platform device driver.
33 bool "OneNAND OTP Support"
34 depends on MTD_ONENAND
35 help
36 One Block of the NAND Flash Array memory is reserved as
37 a One-Time Programmable Block memory area.
38 Also, 1st Block of NAND Flash Array can be used as OTP.
40 The OTP block can be read, programmed and locked using the same
41 operations as any other NAND Flash Array memory block.
42 OTP block cannot be erased.
44 OTP block is fully-guaranteed to be a valid block.
47 bool "OneNAND Sync. Burst Read Support"
48 depends on ARCH_OMAP
49 help
50 This enables support for Sync. Burst Read.
52 endmenu