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linux/blktap2: reduce TLB flush scope

c/s 885 added very coarse TLB flushing. Since these flushes always
follow single page updates, single page flushes (when available) are

Signed-off-by: Jan Beulich <jbeulich@novell.com>
author Keir Fraser <keir.fraser@citrix.com>
date Thu Jun 04 10:32:57 2009 +0100 (2009-06-04)
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2 menu "Macintosh device drivers"
3 depends on PPC || MAC
5 config ADB
6 bool "Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) support"
7 depends on MAC || (PPC_PMAC && PPC32)
8 help
9 Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) support is for support of devices which
10 are connected to an ADB port. ADB devices tend to have 4 pins.
11 If you have an Apple Macintosh prior to the iMac, an iBook or
12 PowerBook, or a "Blue and White G3", you probably want to say Y
13 here. Otherwise say N.
15 config ADB_MACII
16 bool "Include Mac II ADB driver"
17 depends on ADB && MAC
18 help
19 Say Y here if want your kernel to support Macintosh systems that use
20 the Mac II style ADB. This includes the II, IIx, IIcx, SE/30, IIci,
21 Quadra 610, Quadra 650, Quadra 700, Quadra 800, Centris 610 and
22 Centris 650.
24 config ADB_MACIISI
25 bool "Include Mac IIsi ADB driver"
26 depends on ADB && MAC
27 help
28 Say Y here if want your kernel to support Macintosh systems that use
29 the Mac IIsi style ADB. This includes the IIsi, IIvi, IIvx, Classic
30 II, LC, LC II, LC III, Performa 460, and the Performa 600.
32 config ADB_IOP
33 bool "Include IOP (IIfx/Quadra 9x0) ADB driver"
34 depends on ADB && MAC
35 help
36 The I/O Processor (IOP) is an Apple custom IC designed to provide
37 intelligent support for I/O controllers. It is described at
38 <http://www.angelfire.com/ca2/dev68k/iopdesc.html> to enable direct
39 support for it, say 'Y' here.
41 config ADB_PMU68K
42 bool "Include PMU (Powerbook) ADB driver"
43 depends on ADB && MAC
44 help
45 Say Y here if want your kernel to support the m68k based Powerbooks.
46 This includes the PowerBook 140, PowerBook 145, PowerBook 150,
47 PowerBook 160, PowerBook 165, PowerBook 165c, PowerBook 170,
48 PowerBook 180, PowerBook, 180c, PowerBook 190cs, PowerBook 520,
49 PowerBook Duo 210, PowerBook Duo 230, PowerBook Duo 250,
50 PowerBook Duo 270c, PowerBook Duo 280 and PowerBook Duo 280c.
52 # we want to change this to something like CONFIG_SYSCTRL_CUDA/PMU
53 config ADB_CUDA
54 bool "Support for CUDA based Macs and PowerMacs"
55 depends on (ADB || PPC_PMAC) && !PPC_PMAC64
56 help
57 This provides support for CUDA based Macintosh and Power Macintosh
58 systems. This includes many m68k based Macs (Color Classic, Mac TV,
59 Performa 475, Performa 520, Performa 550, Performa 575,
60 Performa 588, Quadra 605, Quadra 630, Quadra/Centris 660AV, and
61 Quadra 840AV), most OldWorld PowerMacs, the first generation iMacs,
62 the Blue&White G3 and the "Yikes" G4 (PCI Graphics). All later
63 models should use CONFIG_ADB_PMU instead. It is safe to say Y here
64 even if your machine doesn't have a CUDA.
66 If unsure say Y.
68 config ADB_PMU
69 bool "Support for PMU based PowerMacs"
70 depends on PPC_PMAC
71 help
72 On PowerBooks, iBooks, and recent iMacs and Power Macintoshes, the
73 PMU is an embedded microprocessor whose primary function is to
74 control system power, and battery charging on the portable models.
75 The PMU also controls the ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) which connects to
76 the keyboard and mouse on some machines, as well as the non-volatile
77 RAM and the RTC (real time clock) chip. Say Y to enable support for
78 this device; you should do so if your machine is one of those
79 mentioned above.
81 config ADB_PMU_LED
82 bool "Support for the Power/iBook front LED"
83 depends on ADB_PMU
84 select NEW_LEDS
85 select LEDS_CLASS
86 help
87 Support the front LED on Power/iBooks as a generic LED that can
88 be triggered by any of the supported triggers. To get the
89 behaviour of the old CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_PMAC_BLINK, select this
90 and the ide-disk LED trigger and configure appropriately through
91 sysfs.
93 config ADB_PMU_LED_IDE
94 bool "Use front LED as IDE LED by default"
95 depends on ADB_PMU_LED
98 help
99 This option makes the front LED default to the IDE trigger
100 so that it blinks on IDE activity.
102 config PMAC_SMU
103 bool "Support for SMU based PowerMacs"
104 depends on PPC_PMAC64
105 help
106 This option adds support for the newer G5 iMacs and PowerMacs based
107 on the "SMU" system control chip which replaces the old PMU.
108 If you don't know, say Y.
110 config PMAC_APM_EMU
111 tristate "APM emulation"
112 depends on PPC_PMAC && PPC32 && PM && ADB_PMU
114 config PMAC_MEDIABAY
115 bool "Support PowerBook hotswap media bay"
116 depends on PPC_PMAC && PPC32
117 help
118 This option adds support for older PowerBook's hotswap media bay
119 that can contains batteries, floppy drives, or IDE devices. PCI
120 devices are not fully supported in the bay as I never had one to
121 try with
124 bool "Backlight control for LCD screens"
125 depends on ADB_PMU && FB = y && (BROKEN || !PPC64)
126 select FB_BACKLIGHT
127 help
128 Say Y here to enable Macintosh specific extensions of the generic
129 backlight code. With this enabled, the brightness keys on older
130 PowerBooks will be enabled so you can change the screen brightness.
131 Newer models should use an userspace daemon like pbbuttonsd.
134 bool "Provide legacy ioctl's on /dev/pmu for the backlight"
135 depends on PMAC_BACKLIGHT && (BROKEN || !PPC64)
136 help
137 Say Y if you want to enable legacy ioctl's on /dev/pmu. This is for
138 programs which use this old interface. New and updated programs
139 should use the backlight classes in sysfs.
141 config ADB_MACIO
142 bool "Include MacIO (CHRP) ADB driver"
143 depends on ADB && PPC_CHRP && !PPC_PMAC64
144 help
145 Say Y here to include direct support for the ADB controller in the
146 Hydra chip used on PowerPC Macintoshes of the CHRP type. (The Hydra
147 also includes a MESH II SCSI controller, DBDMA controller, VIA chip,
148 OpenPIC controller and two RS422/Geoports.)
150 config INPUT_ADBHID
151 bool "Support for ADB input devices (keyboard, mice, ...)"
152 depends on ADB && INPUT=y
153 help
154 Say Y here if you want to have ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) HID devices
155 such as keyboards, mice, joysticks, trackpads or graphic tablets
156 handled by the input layer. If you say Y here, make sure to say Y to
157 the corresponding drivers "Keyboard support" (CONFIG_INPUT_KEYBDEV),
158 "Mouse Support" (CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV) and "Event interface
159 support" (CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV) as well.
161 If unsure, say Y.
164 bool "Support for mouse button 2+3 emulation"
165 depends on INPUT_ADBHID
166 help
167 This provides generic support for emulating the 2nd and 3rd mouse
168 button with keypresses. If you say Y here, the emulation is still
169 disabled by default. The emulation is controlled by these sysctl
170 entries:
171 /proc/sys/dev/mac_hid/mouse_button_emulation
172 /proc/sys/dev/mac_hid/mouse_button2_keycode
173 /proc/sys/dev/mac_hid/mouse_button3_keycode
175 If you have an Apple machine with a 1-button mouse, say Y here.
178 tristate "Support for thermal management on Windtunnel G4s"
179 depends on I2C && I2C_POWERMAC && PPC_PMAC && !PPC_PMAC64
180 help
181 This driver provides some thermostat and fan control for the desktop
182 G4 "Windtunnel"
184 config THERM_ADT746X
185 tristate "Support for thermal mgmnt on laptops with ADT 746x chipset"
186 depends on I2C && I2C_POWERMAC && PPC_PMAC && !PPC_PMAC64
187 help
188 This driver provides some thermostat and fan control for the
189 iBook G4, and the ATI based aluminium PowerBooks, allowing slighlty
190 better fan behaviour by default, and some manual control.
192 config THERM_PM72
193 tristate "Support for thermal management on PowerMac G5"
194 depends on I2C && I2C_POWERMAC && PPC_PMAC64
195 help
196 This driver provides thermostat and fan control for the desktop
197 G5 machines.
199 config WINDFARM
200 tristate "New PowerMac thermal control infrastructure"
201 depends on PPC
203 config WINDFARM_PM81
204 tristate "Support for thermal management on iMac G5"
205 depends on WINDFARM && I2C && CPU_FREQ_PMAC64 && PMAC_SMU
206 select I2C_POWERMAC
207 help
208 This driver provides thermal control for the iMacG5
210 config WINDFARM_PM91
211 tristate "Support for thermal management on PowerMac9,1"
212 depends on WINDFARM && I2C && CPU_FREQ_PMAC64 && PMAC_SMU
213 select I2C_POWERMAC
214 help
215 This driver provides thermal control for the PowerMac9,1
216 which is the recent (SMU based) single CPU desktop G5
218 config WINDFARM_PM112
219 tristate "Support for thermal management on PowerMac11,2"
220 depends on WINDFARM && I2C && PMAC_SMU
221 select I2C_POWERMAC
222 help
223 This driver provides thermal control for the PowerMac11,2
224 which are the recent dual and quad G5 machines using the
225 970MP dual-core processor.
227 config ANSLCD
228 tristate "Support for ANS LCD display"
229 depends on ADB_CUDA && PPC_PMAC
231 endmenu