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Fix the build after public header sync.
Signed-off-by: Keir Fraser <keir.fraser@citrix.com>
author Keir Fraser <keir.fraser@citrix.com>
date Wed Aug 13 14:01:49 2008 +0100 (2008-08-13)
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1 menu "Kernel hacking"
3 source "lib/Kconfig.debug"
6 bool "Check for stack overflows"
7 depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
9 config GDBSTUB
10 bool "Remote GDB kernel debugging"
11 depends on DEBUG_KERNEL
12 select DEBUG_INFO
14 help
15 If you say Y here, it will be possible to remotely debug the kernel
16 using gdb. This enlarges your kernel ELF image disk size by several
17 megabytes and requires a machine with more than 16 MB, better 32 MB
18 RAM to avoid excessive linking time. This is only useful for kernel
19 hackers. If unsure, say N.
21 choice
22 prompt "GDB stub port"
23 default GDBSTUB_UART1
24 depends on GDBSTUB
25 help
26 Select the on-CPU port used for GDB-stub
28 config GDBSTUB_UART0
29 bool "/dev/ttyS0"
31 config GDBSTUB_UART1
32 bool "/dev/ttyS1"
34 endchoice
37 bool "Break into GDB stub immediately"
38 depends on GDBSTUB
39 help
40 If you say Y here, GDB stub will break into the program as soon as
41 possible, leaving the program counter at the beginning of
42 start_kernel() in init/main.c.
44 config GDB_CONSOLE
45 bool "Console output to GDB"
46 depends on GDBSTUB
47 help
48 If you are using GDB for remote debugging over a serial port and
49 would like kernel messages to be formatted into GDB $O packets so
50 that GDB prints them as program output, say 'Y'.
52 endmenu