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Fix the build after public header sync.
Signed-off-by: Keir Fraser <keir.fraser@citrix.com>
author Keir Fraser <keir.fraser@citrix.com>
date Wed Aug 13 14:01:49 2008 +0100 (2008-08-13)
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1 #
2 # For a description of the syntax of this configuration file,
3 # see Documentation/kbuild/kconfig-language.txt.
4 #
5 config FRV
6 bool
7 default y
10 bool
11 default y
14 bool
17 bool
18 default y
21 bool
22 default y
25 bool
26 default n
29 bool
30 default n
32 config GENERIC_TIME
33 bool
34 default y
36 config TIME_LOW_RES
37 bool
38 default y
40 mainmenu "Fujitsu FR-V Kernel Configuration"
42 source "init/Kconfig"
45 menu "Fujitsu FR-V system setup"
47 config MMU
48 bool "MMU support"
49 help
50 This options switches on and off support for the FR-V MMU
51 (effectively switching between vmlinux and uClinux). Not all FR-V
52 CPUs support this. Currently only the FR451 has a sufficiently
53 featured MMU.
56 bool "Out-of-line the FRV atomic operations"
57 default n
58 help
59 Setting this option causes the FR-V atomic operations to be mostly
60 implemented out-of-line.
62 See Documentation/fujitsu/frv/atomic-ops.txt for more information.
64 config HIGHMEM
65 bool "High memory support"
66 depends on MMU
67 default y
68 help
69 If you wish to use more than 256MB of memory with your MMU based
70 system, you will need to select this option. The kernel can only see
71 the memory between 0xC0000000 and 0xD0000000 directly... everything
72 else must be kmapped.
74 The arch is, however, capable of supporting up to 3GB of SDRAM.
76 config HIGHPTE
77 bool "Allocate page tables in highmem"
78 depends on HIGHMEM
79 default y
80 help
81 The VM uses one page of memory for each page table. For systems
82 with a lot of RAM, this can be wasteful of precious low memory.
83 Setting this option will put user-space page tables in high memory.
85 source "mm/Kconfig"
87 choice
88 prompt "uClinux kernel load address"
89 depends on !MMU
90 default UCPAGE_OFFSET_C0000000
91 help
92 This option sets the base address for the uClinux kernel. The kernel
93 will rearrange the SDRAM layout to start at this address, and move
94 itself to start there. It must be greater than 0, and it must be
95 sufficiently less than 0xE0000000 that the SDRAM does not intersect
96 the I/O region.
98 The base address must also be aligned such that the SDRAM controller
99 can decode it. For instance, a 512MB SDRAM bank must be 512MB aligned.
101 config UCPAGE_OFFSET_20000000
102 bool "0x20000000"
104 config UCPAGE_OFFSET_40000000
105 bool "0x40000000"
107 config UCPAGE_OFFSET_60000000
108 bool "0x60000000"
110 config UCPAGE_OFFSET_80000000
111 bool "0x80000000"
113 config UCPAGE_OFFSET_A0000000
114 bool "0xA0000000"
116 config UCPAGE_OFFSET_C0000000
117 bool "0xC0000000 (Recommended)"
119 endchoice
122 bool "Protect core kernel against userspace"
123 depends on !MMU
124 default y
125 help
126 Selecting this option causes the uClinux kernel to change the
127 permittivity of DAMPR register covering the core kernel image to
128 prevent userspace accessing the underlying memory directly.
130 choice
131 prompt "CPU Caching mode"
133 help
134 This option determines the default caching mode for the kernel.
136 Write-Back caching mode involves the all reads and writes causing
137 the affected cacheline to be read into the cache first before being
138 operated upon. Memory is not then updated by a write until the cache
139 is filled and a cacheline needs to be displaced from the cache to
140 make room. Only at that point is it written back.
142 Write-Behind caching is similar to Write-Back caching, except that a
143 write won't fetch a cacheline into the cache if there isn't already
144 one there; it will write directly to memory instead.
146 Write-Through caching only fetches cachelines from memory on a
147 read. Writes always get written directly to memory. If the affected
148 cacheline is also in cache, it will be updated too.
150 The final option is to turn of caching entirely.
152 Note that not all CPUs support Write-Behind caching. If the CPU on
153 which the kernel is running doesn't, it'll fall back to Write-Back
154 caching.
157 bool "Write-Back"
160 bool "Write-Behind"
163 bool "Write-Through"
166 bool "Disabled"
168 endchoice
170 menu "CPU core support"
172 config CPU_FR401
173 bool "Include FR401 core support"
174 depends on !MMU
175 default y
176 help
177 This enables support for the FR401, FR401A and FR403 CPUs
179 config CPU_FR405
180 bool "Include FR405 core support"
181 depends on !MMU
182 default y
183 help
184 This enables support for the FR405 CPU
186 config CPU_FR451
187 bool "Include FR451 core support"
188 default y
189 help
190 This enables support for the FR451 CPU
192 config CPU_FR451_COMPILE
193 bool "Specifically compile for FR451 core"
194 depends on CPU_FR451 && !CPU_FR401 && !CPU_FR405 && !CPU_FR551
195 default y
196 help
197 This causes appropriate flags to be passed to the compiler to
198 optimise for the FR451 CPU
200 config CPU_FR551
201 bool "Include FR551 core support"
202 depends on !MMU
203 default y
204 help
205 This enables support for the FR555 CPU
207 config CPU_FR551_COMPILE
208 bool "Specifically compile for FR551 core"
209 depends on CPU_FR551 && !CPU_FR401 && !CPU_FR405 && !CPU_FR451
210 default y
211 help
212 This causes appropriate flags to be passed to the compiler to
213 optimise for the FR555 CPU
215 config FRV_L1_CACHE_SHIFT
216 int
217 default "5" if CPU_FR401 || CPU_FR405 || CPU_FR451
218 default "6" if CPU_FR551
220 endmenu
222 choice
223 prompt "System support"
224 default MB93091_VDK
226 config MB93091_VDK
227 bool "MB93091 CPU board with or without motherboard"
229 config MB93093_PDK
230 bool "MB93093 PDK unit"
232 endchoice
234 if MB93091_VDK
235 choice
236 prompt "Motherboard support"
237 default MB93090_MB00
239 config MB93090_MB00
240 bool "Use the MB93090-MB00 motherboard"
241 help
242 Select this option if the MB93091 CPU board is going to be used with
243 a MB93090-MB00 VDK motherboard
245 config MB93091_NO_MB
246 bool "Use standalone"
247 help
248 Select this option if the MB93091 CPU board is going to be used
249 without a motherboard
251 endchoice
252 endif
254 choice
255 prompt "GP-Relative data support"
256 default GPREL_DATA_8
257 help
258 This option controls what data, if any, should be placed in the GP
259 relative data sections. Using this means that the compiler can
260 generate accesses to the data using GR16-relative addressing which
261 is faster than absolute instructions and saves space (2 instructions
262 per access).
264 However, the GPREL region is limited in size because the immediate
265 value used in the load and store instructions is limited to a 12-bit
266 signed number.
268 So if the linker starts complaining that accesses to GPREL data are
269 out of range, try changing this option from the default.
271 Note that modules will always be compiled with this feature disabled
272 as the module data will not be in range of the GP base address.
274 config GPREL_DATA_8
275 bool "Put data objects of up to 8 bytes into GP-REL"
277 config GPREL_DATA_4
278 bool "Put data objects of up to 4 bytes into GP-REL"
280 config GPREL_DATA_NONE
281 bool "Don't use GP-REL"
283 endchoice
286 bool "Use on-CPU serial ports"
287 select SERIAL_8250
288 default y
290 config PCI
291 bool "Use PCI"
292 depends on MB93090_MB00
293 default y
294 help
295 Some FR-V systems (such as the MB93090-MB00 VDK) have PCI
296 onboard. If you have one of these boards and you wish to use the PCI
297 facilities, say Y here.
299 The PCI-HOWTO, available from
300 <http://www.tldp.org/docs.html#howto>, contains valuable
301 information about which PCI hardware does work under Linux and which
302 doesn't.
305 bool "Reserve DMA coherent memory"
306 depends on PCI && !MMU
307 default y
308 help
309 Many PCI drivers require access to uncached memory for DMA device
310 communications (such as is done with some Ethernet buffer rings). If
311 a fully featured MMU is available, this can be done through page
312 table settings, but if not, a region has to be set aside and marked
313 with a special DAMPR register.
315 Setting this option causes uClinux to set aside a portion of the
316 available memory for use in this manner. The memory will then be
317 unavailable for normal kernel use.
319 source "drivers/pci/Kconfig"
321 source "drivers/pcmcia/Kconfig"
323 #config MATH_EMULATION
324 # bool "Math emulation support (EXPERIMENTAL)"
325 # depends on EXPERIMENTAL
326 # help
327 # At some point in the future, this will cause floating-point math
328 # instructions to be emulated by the kernel on machines that lack a
329 # floating-point math coprocessor. Thrill-seekers and chronically
330 # sleep-deprived psychotic hacker types can say Y now, everyone else
331 # should probably wait a while.
333 menu "Power management options"
334 source kernel/power/Kconfig
335 endmenu
337 endmenu
340 menu "Executable formats"
342 source "fs/Kconfig.binfmt"
344 endmenu
346 source "net/Kconfig"
348 source "drivers/Kconfig"
350 source "fs/Kconfig"
352 source "arch/frv/Kconfig.debug"
354 source "security/Kconfig"
356 source "crypto/Kconfig"
358 source "lib/Kconfig"