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netfront: Allow netfront in domain 0.

This is useful if your physical network device is in a utility domain.

Signed-off-by: Ian Campbell <ian.campbell@citrix.com>
author Keir Fraser <keir.fraser@citrix.com>
date Tue Apr 15 15:18:58 2008 +0100 (2008-04-15)
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1 Version 1.45
2 ------------
3 Do not time out lockw calls when using posix extensions. Do not
4 time out requests if server still responding reasonably fast
5 on requests on other threads. Improve POSIX locking emulation,
6 (lock cancel now works, and unlock of merged range works even
7 to Windows servers now). Fix oops on mount to lanman servers
8 (win9x, os/2 etc.) when null password. Do not send listxattr
9 (SMB to query all EAs) if nouser_xattr specified. Return error
10 in rename 2nd attempt retry (ie report if rename by handle also
11 fails, after rename by path fails, we were not reporting whether
12 the retry worked or not).
15 Version 1.44
16 ------------
17 Rewritten sessionsetup support, including support for legacy SMB
18 session setup needed for OS/2 and older servers such as Windows 95 and 98.
19 Fix oops on ls to OS/2 servers. Add support for level 1 FindFirst
20 so we can do search (ls etc.) to OS/2. Do not send NTCreateX
21 or recent levels of FindFirst unless server says it supports NT SMBs
22 (instead use legacy equivalents from LANMAN dialect). Fix to allow
23 NTLMv2 authentication support (now can use stronger password hashing
24 on mount if corresponding /proc/fs/cifs/SecurityFlags is set (0x4004).
25 Allow override of global cifs security flags on mount via "sec=" option(s).
27 Version 1.43
28 ------------
29 POSIX locking to servers which support CIFS POSIX Extensions
30 (disabled by default controlled by proc/fs/cifs/Experimental).
31 Handle conversion of long share names (especially Asian languages)
32 to Unicode during mount. Fix memory leak in sess struct on reconnect.
33 Fix rare oops after acpi suspend. Fix O_TRUNC opens to overwrite on
34 cifs open which helps rare case when setpathinfo fails or server does
35 not support it.
37 Version 1.42
38 ------------
39 Fix slow oplock break when mounted to different servers at the same time and
40 the tids match and we try to find matching fid on wrong server. Fix read
41 looping when signing required by server (2.6.16 kernel only). Fix readdir
42 vs. rename race which could cause each to hang. Return . and .. even
43 if server does not. Allow searches to skip first three entries and
44 begin at any location. Fix oops in find_writeable_file.
46 Version 1.41
47 ------------
48 Fix NTLMv2 security (can be enabled in /proc/fs/cifs) so customers can
49 configure stronger authentication. Fix sfu symlinks so they can
50 be followed (not just recognized). Fix wraparound of bcc on
51 read responses when buffer size over 64K and also fix wrap of
52 max smb buffer size when CIFSMaxBufSize over 64K. Fix oops in
53 cifs_user_read and cifs_readpages (when EAGAIN on send of smb
54 on socket is returned over and over). Add POSIX (advisory) byte range
55 locking support (requires server with newest CIFS UNIX Extensions
56 to the protocol implemented). Slow down negprot slightly in port 139
57 RFC1001 case to give session_init time on buggy servers.
59 Version 1.40
60 ------------
61 Use fsuid (fsgid) more consistently instead of uid (gid). Improve performance
62 of readpages by eliminating one extra memcpy. Allow update of file size
63 from remote server even if file is open for write as long as mount is
64 directio. Recognize share mode security and send NTLM encrypted password
65 on tree connect if share mode negotiated.
67 Version 1.39
68 ------------
69 Defer close of a file handle slightly if pending writes depend on that handle
70 (this reduces the EBADF bad file handle errors that can be logged under heavy
71 stress on writes). Modify cifs Kconfig options to expose CONFIG_CIFS_STATS2
72 Fix SFU style symlinks and mknod needed for servers which do not support the
73 CIFS Unix Extensions. Fix setfacl/getfacl on bigendian. Timeout negative
74 dentries so files that the client sees as deleted but that later get created
75 on the server will be recognized. Add client side permission check on setattr.
76 Timeout stuck requests better (where server has never responded or sent corrupt
77 responses)
79 Version 1.38
80 ------------
81 Fix tcp socket retransmission timeouts (e.g. on ENOSPACE from the socket)
82 to be smaller at first (but increasing) so large write performance performance
83 over GigE is better. Do not hang thread on illegal byte range lock response
84 from Windows (Windows can send an RFC1001 size which does not match smb size) by
85 allowing an SMBs TCP length to be up to a few bytes longer than it should be.
86 wsize and rsize can now be larger than negotiated buffer size if server
87 supports large readx/writex, even when directio mount flag not specified.
88 Write size will in many cases now be 16K instead of 4K which greatly helps
89 file copy performance on lightly loaded networks. Fix oops in dnotify
90 when experimental config flag enabled. Make cifsFYI more granular.
92 Version 1.37
93 ------------
94 Fix readdir caching when unlink removes file in current search buffer,
95 and this is followed by a rewind search to just before the deleted entry.
96 Do not attempt to set ctime unless atime and/or mtime change requested
97 (most servers throw it away anyway). Fix length check of received smbs
98 to be more accurate. Fix big endian problem with mapchars mount option,
99 and with a field returned by statfs.
101 Version 1.36
102 ------------
103 Add support for mounting to older pre-CIFS servers such as Windows9x and ME.
104 For these older servers, add option for passing netbios name of server in
105 on mount (servernetbiosname). Add suspend support for power management, to
106 avoid cifsd thread preventing software suspend from working.
107 Add mount option for disabling the default behavior of sending byte range lock
108 requests to the server (necessary for certain applications which break with
109 mandatory lock behavior such as Evolution), and also mount option for
110 requesting case insensitive matching for path based requests (requesting
111 case sensitive is the default).
113 Version 1.35
114 ------------
115 Add writepage performance improvements. Fix path name conversions
116 for long filenames on mounts which were done with "mapchars" mount option
117 specified. Ensure multiplex ids do not collide. Fix case in which
118 rmmod can oops if done soon after last unmount. Fix truncated
119 search (readdir) output when resume filename was a long filename.
120 Fix filename conversion when mapchars mount option was specified and
121 filename was a long filename.
123 Version 1.34
124 ------------
125 Fix error mapping of the TOO_MANY_LINKS (hardlinks) case.
126 Do not oops if root user kills cifs oplock kernel thread or
127 kills the cifsd thread (NB: killing the cifs kernel threads is not
128 recommended, unmount and rmmod cifs will kill them when they are
129 no longer needed). Fix readdir to ASCII servers (ie older servers
130 which do not support Unicode) and also require asterisk.
131 Fix out of memory case in which data could be written one page
132 off in the page cache.
134 Version 1.33
135 ------------
136 Fix caching problem, in which readdir of directory containing a file
137 which was cached could cause the file's time stamp to be updated
138 without invalidating the readahead data (so we could get stale
139 file data on the client for that file even as the server copy changed).
140 Cleanup response processing so cifsd can not loop when abnormally
141 terminated.
144 Version 1.32
145 ------------
146 Fix oops in ls when Transact2 FindFirst (or FindNext) returns more than one
147 transact response for an SMB request and search entry split across two frames.
148 Add support for lsattr (getting ext2/ext3/reiserfs attr flags from the server)
149 as new protocol extensions. Do not send Get/Set calls for POSIX ACLs
150 unless server explicitly claims to support them in CIFS Unix extensions
151 POSIX ACL capability bit. Fix packet signing when multiuser mounting with
152 different users from the same client to the same server. Fix oops in
153 cifs_close. Add mount option for remapping reserved characters in
154 filenames (also allow recognizing files with created by SFU which have any
155 of these seven reserved characters, except backslash, to be recognized).
156 Fix invalid transact2 message (we were sometimes trying to interpret
157 oplock breaks as SMB responses). Add ioctl for checking that the
158 current uid matches the uid of the mounter (needed by umount.cifs).
159 Reduce the number of large buffer allocations in cifs response processing
160 (significantly reduces memory pressure under heavy stress with multiple
161 processes accessing the same server at the same time).
163 Version 1.31
164 ------------
165 Fix updates of DOS attributes and time fields so that files on NT4 servers
166 do not get marked delete on close. Display sizes of cifs buffer pools in
167 cifs stats. Fix oops in unmount when cifsd thread being killed by
168 shutdown. Add generic readv/writev and aio support. Report inode numbers
169 consistently in readdir and lookup (when serverino mount option is
170 specified use the inode number that the server reports - for both lookup
171 and readdir, otherwise by default the locally generated inode number is used
172 for inodes created in either path since servers are not always able to
173 provide unique inode numbers when exporting multiple volumes from under one
174 sharename).
176 Version 1.30
177 ------------
178 Allow new nouser_xattr mount parm to disable xattr support for user namespace.
179 Do not flag user_xattr mount parm in dmesg. Retry failures setting file time
180 (mostly affects NT4 servers) by retry with handle based network operation.
181 Add new POSIX Query FS Info for returning statfs info more accurately.
182 Handle passwords with multiple commas in them.
184 Version 1.29
185 ------------
186 Fix default mode in sysfs of cifs module parms. Remove old readdir routine.
187 Fix capabilities flags for large readx so as to allow reads larger than 64K.
189 Version 1.28
190 ------------
191 Add module init parm for large SMB buffer size (to allow it to be changed
192 from its default of 16K) which is especially useful for large file copy
193 when mounting with the directio mount option. Fix oops after
194 returning from mount when experimental ExtendedSecurity enabled and
195 SpnegoNegotiated returning invalid error. Fix case to retry better when
196 peek returns from 1 to 3 bytes on socket which should have more data.
197 Fixed path based calls (such as cifs lookup) to handle path names
198 longer than 530 (now can handle PATH_MAX). Fix pass through authentication
199 from Samba server to DC (Samba required dummy LM password).
201 Version 1.27
202 ------------
203 Turn off DNOTIFY (directory change notification support) by default
204 (unless built with the experimental flag) to fix hang with KDE
205 file browser. Fix DNOTIFY flag mappings. Fix hang (in wait_event
206 waiting on an SMB response) in SendReceive when session dies but
207 reconnects quickly from another task. Add module init parms for
208 minimum number of large and small network buffers in the buffer pools,
209 and for the maximum number of simultaneous requests.
211 Version 1.26
212 ------------
213 Add setfacl support to allow setting of ACLs remotely to Samba 3.10 and later
214 and other POSIX CIFS compliant servers. Fix error mapping for getfacl
215 to EOPNOTSUPP when server does not support posix acls on the wire. Fix
216 improperly zeroed buffer in CIFS Unix extensions set times call.
218 Version 1.25
219 ------------
220 Fix internationalization problem in cifs readdir with filenames that map to
221 longer UTF-8 strings than the string on the wire was in Unicode. Add workaround
222 for readdir to netapp servers. Fix search rewind (seek into readdir to return
223 non-consecutive entries). Do not do readdir when server negotiates
224 buffer size to small to fit filename. Add support for reading POSIX ACLs from
225 the server (add also acl and noacl mount options).
227 Version 1.24
228 ------------
229 Optionally allow using server side inode numbers, rather than client generated
230 ones by specifying mount option "serverino" - this is required for some apps
231 to work which double check hardlinked files and have persistent inode numbers.
233 Version 1.23
234 ------------
235 Multiple bigendian fixes. On little endian systems (for reconnect after
236 network failure) fix tcp session reconnect code so we do not try first
237 to reconnect on reverse of port 445. Treat reparse points (NTFS junctions)
238 as directories rather than symlinks because we can do follow link on them.
240 Version 1.22
241 ------------
242 Add config option to enable XATTR (extended attribute) support, mapping
243 xattr names in the "user." namespace space to SMB/CIFS EAs. Lots of
244 minor fixes pointed out by the Stanford SWAT checker (mostly missing
245 or out of order NULL pointer checks in little used error paths).
247 Version 1.21
248 ------------
249 Add new mount parm to control whether mode check (generic_permission) is done
250 on the client. If Unix extensions are enabled and the uids on the client
251 and server do not match, client permission checks are meaningless on
252 server uids that do not exist on the client (this does not affect the
253 normal ACL check which occurs on the server). Fix default uid
254 on mknod to match create and mkdir. Add optional mount parm to allow
255 override of the default uid behavior (in which the server sets the uid
256 and gid of newly created files). Normally for network filesystem mounts
257 user want the server to set the uid/gid on newly created files (rather than
258 using uid of the client processes you would in a local filesystem).
260 Version 1.20
261 ------------
262 Make transaction counts more consistent. Merge /proc/fs/cifs/SimultaneousOps
263 info into /proc/fs/cifs/DebugData. Fix oops in rare oops in readdir
264 (in build_wildcard_path_from_dentry). Fix mknod to pass type field
265 (block/char/fifo) properly. Remove spurious mount warning log entry when
266 credentials passed as mount argument. Set major/minor device number in
267 inode for block and char devices when unix extensions enabled.
269 Version 1.19
270 ------------
271 Fix /proc/fs/cifs/Stats and DebugData display to handle larger
272 amounts of return data. Properly limit requests to MAX_REQ (50
273 is the usual maximum active multiplex SMB/CIFS requests per server).
274 Do not kill cifsd (and thus hurt the other SMB session) when more than one
275 session to the same server (but with different userids) exists and one
276 of the two user's smb sessions is being removed while leaving the other.
277 Do not loop reconnecting in cifsd demultiplex thread when admin
278 kills the thread without going through unmount.
280 Version 1.18
281 ------------
282 Do not rename hardlinked files (since that should be a noop). Flush
283 cached write behind data when reopening a file after session abend,
284 except when already in write. Grab per socket sem during reconnect
285 to avoid oops in sendmsg if overlapping with reconnect. Do not
286 reset cached inode file size on readdir for files open for write on
287 client.
290 Version 1.17
291 ------------
292 Update number of blocks in file so du command is happier (in Linux a fake
293 blocksize of 512 is required for calculating number of blocks in inode).
294 Fix prepare write of partial pages to read in data from server if possible.
295 Fix race on tcpStatus field between unmount and reconnection code, causing
296 cifsd process sometimes to hang around forever. Improve out of memory
297 checks in cifs_filldir
299 Version 1.16
300 ------------
301 Fix incorrect file size in file handle based setattr on big endian hardware.
302 Fix oops in build_path_from_dentry when out of memory. Add checks for invalid
303 and closing file structs in writepage/partialpagewrite. Add statistics
304 for each mounted share (new menuconfig option). Fix endianness problem in
305 volume information displayed in /proc/fs/cifs/DebugData (only affects
306 affects big endian architectures). Prevent renames while constructing
307 path names for open, mkdir and rmdir.
309 Version 1.15
310 ------------
311 Change to mempools for alloc smb request buffers and multiplex structs
312 to better handle low memory problems (and potential deadlocks).
314 Version 1.14
315 ------------
316 Fix incomplete listings of large directories on Samba servers when Unix
317 extensions enabled. Fix oops when smb_buffer can not be allocated. Fix
318 rename deadlock when writing out dirty pages at same time.
320 Version 1.13
321 ------------
322 Fix open of files in which O_CREATE can cause the mode to change in
323 some cases. Fix case in which retry of write overlaps file close.
324 Fix PPC64 build error. Reduce excessive stack usage in smb password
325 hashing. Fix overwrite of Linux user's view of file mode to Windows servers.
327 Version 1.12
328 ------------
329 Fixes for large file copy, signal handling, socket retry, buffer
330 allocation and low memory situations.
332 Version 1.11
333 ------------
334 Better port 139 support to Windows servers (RFC1001/RFC1002 Session_Initialize)
335 also now allowing support for specifying client netbiosname. NT4 support added.
337 Version 1.10
338 ------------
339 Fix reconnection (and certain failed mounts) to properly wake up the
340 blocked users thread so it does not seem hung (in some cases was blocked
341 until the cifs receive timeout expired). Fix spurious error logging
342 to kernel log when application with open network files killed.
344 Version 1.09
345 ------------
346 Fix /proc/fs module unload warning message (that could be logged
347 to the kernel log). Fix intermittent failure in connectathon
348 test7 (hardlink count not immediately refreshed in case in which
349 inode metadata can be incorrectly kept cached when time near zero)
351 Version 1.08
352 ------------
353 Allow file_mode and dir_mode (specified at mount time) to be enforced
354 locally (the server already enforced its own ACLs too) for servers
355 that do not report the correct mode (do not support the
356 CIFS Unix Extensions).
358 Version 1.07
359 ------------
360 Fix some small memory leaks in some unmount error paths. Fix major leak
361 of cache pages in readpages causing multiple read oriented stress
362 testcases (including fsx, and even large file copy) to fail over time.
364 Version 1.06
365 ------------
366 Send NTCreateX with ATTR_POSIX if Linux/Unix extensions negotiated with server.
367 This allows files that differ only in case and improves performance of file
368 creation and file open to such servers. Fix semaphore conflict which causes
369 slow delete of open file to Samba (which unfortunately can cause an oplock
370 break to self while vfs_unlink held i_sem) which can hang for 20 seconds.
372 Version 1.05
373 ------------
374 fixes to cifs_readpages for fsx test case
376 Version 1.04
377 ------------
378 Fix caching data integrity bug when extending file size especially when no
379 oplock on file. Fix spurious logging of valid already parsed mount options
380 that are parsed outside of the cifs vfs such as nosuid.
383 Version 1.03
384 ------------
385 Connect to server when port number override not specified, and tcp port
386 unitialized. Reset search to restart at correct file when kernel routine
387 filldir returns error during large directory searches (readdir).
389 Version 1.02
390 ------------
391 Fix caching problem when files opened by multiple clients in which
392 page cache could contain stale data, and write through did
393 not occur often enough while file was still open when read ahead
394 (read oplock) not allowed. Treat "sep=" when first mount option
395 as an override of comma as the default separator between mount
396 options.
398 Version 1.01
399 ------------
400 Allow passwords longer than 16 bytes. Allow null password string.
402 Version 1.00
403 ------------
404 Gracefully clean up failed mounts when attempting to mount to servers such as
405 Windows 98 that terminate tcp sessions during protocol negotiation. Handle
406 embedded commas in mount parsing of passwords.
408 Version 0.99
409 ------------
410 Invalidate local inode cached pages on oplock break and when last file
411 instance is closed so that the client does not continue using stale local
412 copy rather than later modified server copy of file. Do not reconnect
413 when server drops the tcp session prematurely before negotiate
414 protocol response. Fix oops in reopen_file when dentry freed. Allow
415 the support for CIFS Unix Extensions to be disabled via proc interface.
417 Version 0.98
418 ------------
419 Fix hang in commit_write during reconnection of open files under heavy load.
420 Fix unload_nls oops in a mount failure path. Serialize writes to same socket
421 which also fixes any possible races when cifs signatures are enabled in SMBs
422 being sent out of signature sequence number order.
424 Version 0.97
425 ------------
426 Fix byte range locking bug (endian problem) causing bad offset and
427 length.
429 Version 0.96
430 ------------
431 Fix oops (in send_sig) caused by CIFS unmount code trying to
432 wake up the demultiplex thread after it had exited. Do not log
433 error on harmless oplock release of closed handle.
435 Version 0.95
436 ------------
437 Fix unsafe global variable usage and password hash failure on gcc 3.3.1
438 Fix problem reconnecting secondary mounts to same server after session
439 failure. Fix invalid dentry - race in mkdir when directory gets created
440 by another client between the lookup and mkdir.
442 Version 0.94
443 ------------
444 Fix to list processing in reopen_files. Fix reconnection when server hung
445 but tcpip session still alive. Set proper timeout on socket read.
447 Version 0.93
448 ------------
449 Add missing mount options including iocharset. SMP fixes in write and open.
450 Fix errors in reconnecting after TCP session failure. Fix module unloading
451 of default nls codepage
453 Version 0.92
454 ------------
455 Active smb transactions should never go negative (fix double FreeXid). Fix
456 list processing in file routines. Check return code on kmalloc in open.
457 Fix spinlock usage for SMP.
459 Version 0.91
460 ------------
461 Fix oops in reopen_files when invalid dentry. drop dentry on server rename
462 and on revalidate errors. Fix cases where pid is now tgid. Fix return code
463 on create hard link when server does not support them.
465 Version 0.90
466 ------------
467 Fix scheduling while atomic error in getting inode info on newly created file.
468 Fix truncate of existing files opened with O_CREAT but not O_TRUNC set.
470 Version 0.89
471 ------------
472 Fix oops on write to dead tcp session. Remove error log write for case when file open
473 O_CREAT but not O_EXCL
475 Version 0.88
476 ------------
477 Fix non-POSIX behavior on rename of open file and delete of open file by taking
478 advantage of trans2 SetFileInfo rename facility if available on target server.
479 Retry on ENOSPC and EAGAIN socket errors.
481 Version 0.87
482 ------------
483 Fix oops on big endian readdir. Set blksize to be even power of two (2**blkbits) to fix
484 allocation size miscalculation. After oplock token lost do not read through
485 cache.
487 Version 0.86
488 ------------
489 Fix oops on empty file readahead. Fix for file size handling for locally cached files.
491 Version 0.85
492 ------------
493 Fix oops in mkdir when server fails to return inode info. Fix oops in reopen_files
494 during auto reconnection to server after server recovered from failure.
496 Version 0.84
497 ------------
498 Finish support for Linux 2.5 open/create changes, which removes the
499 redundant NTCreate/QPathInfo/close that was sent during file create.
500 Enable oplock by default. Enable packet signing by default (needed to
501 access many recent Windows servers)
503 Version 0.83
504 ------------
505 Fix oops when mounting to long server names caused by inverted parms to kmalloc.
506 Fix MultiuserMount (/proc/fs/cifs configuration setting) so that when enabled
507 we will choose a cifs user session (smb uid) that better matches the local
508 uid if a) the mount uid does not match the current uid and b) we have another
509 session to the same server (ip address) for a different mount which
510 matches the current local uid.
512 Version 0.82
513 ------------
514 Add support for mknod of block or character devices. Fix oplock
515 code (distributed caching) to properly send response to oplock
516 break from server.
518 Version 0.81
519 ------------
520 Finish up CIFS packet digital signing for the default
521 NTLM security case. This should help Windows 2003
522 network interoperability since it is common for
523 packet signing to be required now. Fix statfs (stat -f)
524 which recently started returning errors due to
525 invalid value (-1 instead of 0) being set in the
526 struct kstatfs f_ffiles field.
528 Version 0.80
529 -----------
530 Fix oops on stopping oplock thread when removing cifs when
531 built as module.
533 Version 0.79
534 ------------
535 Fix mount options for ro (readonly), uid, gid and file and directory mode.
537 Version 0.78
538 ------------
539 Fix errors displayed on failed mounts to be more understandable.
540 Fixed various incorrect or misleading smb to posix error code mappings.
542 Version 0.77
543 ------------
544 Fix display of NTFS DFS junctions to display as symlinks.
545 They are the network equivalent. Fix oops in
546 cifs_partialpagewrite caused by missing spinlock protection
547 of openfile linked list. Allow writebehind caching errors to
548 be returned to the application at file close.
550 Version 0.76
551 ------------
552 Clean up options displayed in /proc/mounts by show_options to
553 be more consistent with other filesystems.
555 Version 0.75
556 ------------
557 Fix delete of readonly file to Windows servers. Reflect
558 presence or absence of read only dos attribute in mode
559 bits for servers that do not support CIFS Unix extensions.
560 Fix shortened results on readdir of large directories to
561 servers supporting CIFS Unix extensions (caused by
562 incorrect resume key).
564 Version 0.74
565 ------------
566 Fix truncate bug (set file size) that could cause hangs e.g. running fsx
568 Version 0.73
569 ------------
570 unload nls if mount fails.
572 Version 0.72
573 ------------
574 Add resume key support to search (readdir) code to workaround
575 Windows bug. Add /proc/fs/cifs/LookupCacheEnable which
576 allows disabling caching of attribute information for
577 lookups.
579 Version 0.71
580 ------------
581 Add more oplock handling (distributed caching code). Remove
582 dead code. Remove excessive stack space utilization from
583 symlink routines.
585 Version 0.70
586 ------------
587 Fix oops in get dfs referral (triggered when null path sent in to
588 mount). Add support for overriding rsize at mount time.
590 Version 0.69
591 ------------
592 Fix buffer overrun in readdir which caused intermittent kernel oopses.
593 Fix writepage code to release kmap on write data. Allow "-ip=" new
594 mount option to be passed in on parameter distinct from the first part
595 (server name portion of) the UNC name. Allow override of the
596 tcp port of the target server via new mount option "-port="
598 Version 0.68
599 ------------
600 Fix search handle leak on rewind. Fix setuid and gid so that they are
601 reflected in the local inode immediately. Cleanup of whitespace
602 to make 2.4 and 2.5 versions more consistent.
605 Version 0.67
606 ------------
607 Fix signal sending so that captive thread (cifsd) exits on umount
608 (which was causing the warning in kmem_cache_free of the request buffers
609 at rmmod time). This had broken as a sideeffect of the recent global
610 kernel change to daemonize. Fix memory leak in readdir code which
611 showed up in "ls -R" (and applications that did search rewinding).
613 Version 0.66
614 ------------
615 Reconnect tids and fids after session reconnection (still do not
616 reconnect byte range locks though). Fix problem caching
617 lookup information for directory inodes, improving performance,
618 especially in deep directory trees. Fix various build warnings.
620 Version 0.65
621 ------------
622 Finish fixes to commit write for caching/readahead consistency. fsx
623 now works to Samba servers. Fix oops caused when readahead
624 was interrupted by a signal.
626 Version 0.64
627 ------------
628 Fix data corruption (in partial page after truncate) that caused fsx to
629 fail to Windows servers. Cleaned up some extraneous error logging in
630 common error paths. Add generic sendfile support.
632 Version 0.63
633 ------------
634 Fix memory leak in AllocMidQEntry.
635 Finish reconnection logic, so connection with server can be dropped
636 (or server rebooted) and the cifs client will reconnect.
638 Version 0.62
639 ------------
640 Fix temporary socket leak when bad userid or password specified
641 (or other SMBSessSetup failure). Increase maximum buffer size to slightly
642 over 16K to allow negotiation of up to Samba and Windows server default read
643 sizes. Add support for readpages
645 Version 0.61
646 ------------
647 Fix oops when username not passed in on mount. Extensive fixes and improvements
648 to error logging (strip redundant newlines, change debug macros to ensure newline
649 passed in and to be more consistent). Fix writepage wrong file handle problem,
650 a readonly file handle could be incorrectly used to attempt to write out
651 file updates through the page cache to multiply open files. This could cause
652 the iozone benchmark to fail on the fwrite test. Fix bug mounting two different
653 shares to the same Windows server when using different usernames
654 (doing this to Samba servers worked but Windows was rejecting it) - now it is
655 possible to use different userids when connecting to the same server from a
656 Linux client. Fix oops when treeDisconnect called during unmount on
657 previously freed socket.
659 Version 0.60
660 ------------
661 Fix oops in readpages caused by not setting address space operations in inode in
662 rare code path.
664 Version 0.59
665 ------------
666 Includes support for deleting of open files and renaming over existing files (per POSIX
667 requirement). Add readlink support for Windows junction points (directory symlinks).
669 Version 0.58
670 ------------
671 Changed read and write to go through pagecache. Added additional address space operations.
672 Memory mapped operations now working.
674 Version 0.57
675 ------------
676 Added writepage code for additional memory mapping support. Fixed leak in xids causing
677 the simultaneous operations counter (/proc/fs/cifs/SimultaneousOps) to increase on
678 every stat call. Additional formatting cleanup.
680 Version 0.56
681 ------------
682 Fix bigendian bug in order of time conversion. Merge 2.5 to 2.4 version. Formatting cleanup.
684 Version 0.55
685 ------------
686 Fixes from Zwane Mwaikambo for adding missing return code checking in a few places.
687 Also included a modified version of his fix to protect global list manipulation of
688 the smb session and tree connection and mid related global variables.
690 Version 0.54
691 ------------
692 Fix problem with captive thread hanging around at unmount time. Adjust to 2.5.42-pre
693 changes to superblock layout. Remove wasteful allocation of smb buffers (now the send
694 buffer is reused for responses). Add more oplock handling. Additional minor cleanup.
696 Version 0.53
697 ------------
698 More stylistic updates to better match kernel style. Add additional statistics
699 for filesystem which can be viewed via /proc/fs/cifs. Add more pieces of NTLMv2
700 and CIFS Packet Signing enablement.
702 Version 0.52
703 ------------
704 Replace call to sleep_on with safer wait_on_event.
705 Make stylistic changes to better match kernel style recommendations.
706 Remove most typedef usage (except for the PDUs themselves).
708 Version 0.51
709 ------------
710 Update mount so the -unc mount option is no longer required (the ip address can be specified
711 in a UNC style device name. Implementation of readpage/writepage started.
713 Version 0.50
714 ------------
715 Fix intermittent problem with incorrect smb header checking on badly
716 fragmented tcp responses
718 Version 0.49
719 ------------
720 Fixes to setting of allocation size and file size.
722 Version 0.48
723 ------------
724 Various 2.5.38 fixes. Now works on 2.5.38
726 Version 0.47
727 ------------
728 Prepare for 2.5 kernel merge. Remove ifdefs.
730 Version 0.46
731 ------------
732 Socket buffer management fixes. Fix dual free.
734 Version 0.45
735 ------------
736 Various big endian fixes for hardlinks and symlinks and also for dfs.
738 Version 0.44
739 ------------
740 Various big endian fixes for servers with Unix extensions such as Samba
742 Version 0.43
743 ------------
744 Various FindNext fixes for incorrect filenames on large directory searches on big endian
745 clients. basic posix file i/o tests now work on big endian machines, not just le
747 Version 0.42
748 ------------
749 SessionSetup and NegotiateProtocol now work from Big Endian machines.
750 Various Big Endian fixes found during testing on the Linux on 390. Various fixes for compatibility with older
751 versions of 2.4 kernel (now builds and works again on kernels at least as early as 2.4.7).
753 Version 0.41
754 ------------
755 Various minor fixes for Connectathon Posix "basic" file i/o test suite. Directory caching fixed so hardlinked
756 files now return the correct number of links on fstat as they are repeatedly linked and unlinked.
758 Version 0.40
759 ------------
760 Implemented "Raw" (i.e. not encapsulated in SPNEGO) NTLMSSP (i.e. the Security Provider Interface used to negotiate
761 session advanced session authentication). Raw NTLMSSP is preferred by Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP.
762 Began implementing support for SPNEGO encapsulation of NTLMSSP based session authentication blobs
763 (which is the mechanism preferred by Windows 2000 server in the absence of Kerberos).
765 Version 0.38
766 ------------
767 Introduced optional mount helper utility mount.cifs and made coreq changes to cifs vfs to enable
768 it. Fixed a few bugs in the DFS code (e.g. bcc two bytes too short and incorrect uid in PDU).
770 Version 0.37
771 ------------
772 Rewrote much of connection and mount/unmount logic to handle bugs with
773 multiple uses to same share, multiple users to same server etc.
775 Version 0.36
776 ------------
777 Fixed major problem with dentry corruption (missing call to dput)
779 Version 0.35
780 ------------
781 Rewrite of readdir code to fix bug. Various fixes for bigendian machines.
782 Begin adding oplock support. Multiusermount and oplockEnabled flags added to /proc/fs/cifs
783 although corresponding function not fully implemented in the vfs yet
785 Version 0.34
786 ------------
787 Fixed dentry caching bug, misc. cleanup
789 Version 0.33
790 ------------
791 Fixed 2.5 support to handle build and configure changes as well as misc. 2.5 changes. Now can build
792 on current 2.5 beta version (2.5.24) of the Linux kernel as well as on 2.4 Linux kernels.
793 Support for STATUS codes (newer 32 bit NT error codes) added. DFS support begun to be added.
795 Version 0.32
796 ------------
797 Unix extensions (symlink, readlink, hardlink, chmod and some chgrp and chown) implemented
798 and tested against Samba 2.2.5
801 Version 0.31
802 ------------
803 1) Fixed lockrange to be correct (it was one byte too short)
805 2) Fixed GETLK (i.e. the fcntl call to test a range of bytes in a file to see if locked) to correctly
806 show range as locked when there is a conflict with an existing lock.
808 3) default file perms are now 2767 (indicating support for mandatory locks) instead of 777 for directories
809 in most cases. Eventually will offer optional ability to query server for the correct perms.
811 3) Fixed eventual trap when mounting twice to different shares on the same server when the first succeeded
812 but the second one was invalid and failed (the second one was incorrectly disconnecting the tcp and smb
813 session)
815 4) Fixed error logging of valid mount options
817 5) Removed logging of password field.
819 6) Moved negotiate, treeDisconnect and uloggoffX (only tConx and SessSetup remain in connect.c) to cifssmb.c
820 and cleaned them up and made them more consistent with other cifs functions.
822 7) Server support for Unix extensions is now fully detected and FindFirst is implemented both ways
823 (with or without Unix extensions) but FindNext and QueryPathInfo with the Unix extensions are not completed,
824 nor is the symlink support using the Unix extensions
826 8) Started adding the readlink and follow_link code
828 Version 0.3
829 -----------
830 Initial drop